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Who is this hawt bixch Georgia Salpa? Greek wannabe model tweets new pictures of her slumming it in her bikini….

Georgia Salpa is a preferred hawt bixch too
Georgia Salpa is a preferred hawt bixch too

It seems Georgia Salpa has a thing for herself as she goes about whore grabbing attention to her titties and ass via twitter. Then again if nascent celebs can whore their bikini parts why not this aspiring Greek Irish model who to date boasts some 188 000 followers. Not bad for a nobody reckons me.

Some research on the dailymail turned up the following:

She was named fifth in FHM’s recent list of Sexiest Women in the World, and it’s not hard to see why.

Georgia Salpa yesterday took to her Twitter page to share pictures of her sunshine break in Mexico.

The stunning Irish model showed off her incredible bikini body as she soaked up the sunshine in Cabo.

5th sexiest sleaze on FHM? Not bad work if you can get it.

Twitted the aspiring media whore (watch this bixch get her own reality show for nothing more than having killer looks, why do we always insist on congratulating women solely on their looks?) : ‘Super hot today, chilling by the pool! ‪#cabo‬.’

Apparently Georgia’s slinky ass made it on Celebrity Big Brother but I can’t figure out why since bixch isn’t a celebrity. Then again define celebrity anymore in the age of instant fix it and grand showcasing via expendable social media.

Never mind. Georgia knows you’d ‘hit it’ and the truth is so would I. Watch out for this hawt bixch kids….

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  1. She appeared in the Irish newspapers in promo shoots on a daily basis for 3 years and has done loads of TV work so I’m not sure who you’re calling a nobody

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