Home Pop Culture Orthodox Jewish men have a new weapon against sexual temptation. Blurred glasses.

Orthodox Jewish men have a new weapon against sexual temptation. Blurred glasses.


Here’s a clever idea that’s got me wondering why I never thought of it before. But then again I’m not the type not to give into my sexual proclivities. I act and then of course relent later, as most of us do. Not though Orthodox Jewish men who are held to a very rigid code of behavior that conditions them to never yield to temptation let alone even look at another woman besides their mother or sister, and that’s only with a bowed head.

That said it’s time to introduce ourselves to the new clever idea of specially designed out of focus glasses currently favored by so called ‘Charedi‘ men in religious areas of Israel.

Offers the dailymail.co.uk: The anti-ogle goggles can be snapped up for just a few pounds and feature a sticker on the lens which makes them poorly focused when looking anywhere except for the space in the immediate vicinity.

Modesty indeed. Of course what I would like to know what does a man do when it comes to driving or doing his work? Does he take out a special pair of glasses then or does he just resign himself to the fact that he will have to navigate half blind lest he suddenly find himself tempted and wrought into an amoral yielding of fornication. Yes the bible always knows best to steer us away from temptation.

And then there’s this clever device to help thwart unwanted thoughts (yes the devil lurks everywhere):

Orthodox men can also purchase blinkers or vision-impeding hoods – as famously worn by Sephardi Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira.

The Committee for Purity in the Camp also supplies portable screens that can be erected in an airline seat to block passing women from views and prevent men from inadvertently watching in-flight movie with scantily-clad women.

In keeping with their beliefs the ultra Orthodox have separated the sexes on the buses, sidewalks and other public spaces. In other words if you were in the mood to meet a woman this weekend this part of town might not be just right for you, then again you still might enjoy the glasses for sale as one can attest there are many things in life one doesn’t necessarily want to have to look at, beautiful women aside and of course wayward codes of disposition that do more to thwart the individual than to liberate him, but hasn’t that always been the gist of religion?