Home Fashion Oh my! More half naked pictures of Miranda Kerr as she slums...

Oh my! More half naked pictures of Miranda Kerr as she slums it in her bikini…

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

The world can never get enough of Miranda Kerr. The Aussie model that dares you not to look…

Another day, another photo shoot with a half naked Miranda Kerr, just the way the universe ordained it.

In her latest shoot in her hometown of Sydney, Australia (coincidentally this author’s too, who is forever grateful for the memories of half naked vixens trolling the sand dunes of his youth) the super model hardly leaves anything to the imagination as she gingerly sashays along the surf in nothing but a skimpy bikini (I know you’re suffering alongside me too).

So excited was our Miranda for her impending shoot the vixen went out of her way to post on her twitter page the unfolding morning scenery: ‘Beautiful day on set.’

That though may compare to the sultry images the supermodel posted of herself on instagram (yes even a supermodel is resigned to being a 24/7 media whore) with the following caption:

‘Gucci girls! Can you guess who’s leg is who?’

Whose legs? Every nubile woman I have had the pleasure of carefully watching sunning herself along the great Australian surf. That’s who…

Oh my! Miranda Kerr gives photographer Terry Richardson an injection in the bum…

Miranda Kerr poses naked in thigh high boots for Harper’s Bazaar. Shares her diet and exercise secrets.

Miranda Kerr nude as naked pictures of her leak. Art form vs erotic?

Victoria’s Secret Miranda Kerr would like to tantalize you in her new topless video.

Miranda Kerr seems to be having quite the ball.
Last night Miranda posted a photo to Twitter and Instagram which showed her in a plunging dress.
Miranda also challenged her fans to figure out which leg belonged to her.
Miranda Kerr via twitter
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