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Doctors baffled by woman who grows fingernails instead of hair. Now left bankrupt.

Shanya Isom
Shanya Isom

28 year old Shanya Isom has been labelled a medical mystery as doctors to date have not been able to explain a condition which causes human nails to grow out of her hair follicles.

The condition first arose just over 3 years ago when Shanya Isom experienced an allergic reaction  which left her unable to walk and carry out daily chores. What transpired was Ms Isom’s body being covered by hard scabs as ‘nails’ replaced hair that normally would have grown there.

Reports the dailymail: In September 2009 she was prescribed steroids after suffering an asthma attack and within hours the law student was ‘itching’ all over her body.

Soon black bumps covered her legs and doctors treated her for everything from eczema to Staphylococcal infection to no avail.

Shanyna became bedridden as the illness took over and doctors tried to determine what was wrong. 

In 2011 she began treatment in Baltimore where doctors established that the bumps were in fact human nails slowly covering Shanyna’s body.

To date doctors have been able to control Isom’s symptons, with the University student now able to get around with a cane where she was once completely immobile.

Reflects Isom: ‘They’ve tested me from A to Z and everything was coming back negative.

‘As of right now, I am the only one in the world with my illness.’

So extensive have the testings and treatments been they have now left Isom and her family deep in debt, as her state issued insurance does not cover her care at the specialist unit she attends in Baltimore. At present, her current liabilities amount to $250 000 and a foundation has been set up to help Isom.

At present no solution to her current dilemma has been found as she remains the only person with the condition.