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Snotty kids of rich kids of instagram react to criticism dished out at them.

Annabel Schwartz one of the princesses of richkidsofinstagram


Annabel Schwartz one of the princesses of richkidsofinstagram


The rich kids of instagram. If only your summer was as glamorous too

Rich kids of Instagram. Tumblr for loaded teens.

When news of tumblr site rich kids of instagramfirst hit the internet a flurry of eyebrows were raised. Questions were being immediately asked, ‘who do these rich brats who have never had to earn a dollar to support themselves to show off their vaccuous lifestyle?’ ‘why should anyone care in the lifestyle of conceited snots who pass of their trinkets as their own when you know full well most of them have not paid for these expenses but their parents?’

Then of course there were others who just couldn’t help but be giddy and astonished that some get to live a type of lifestyle that has become a slowly vanishing hope for many who are struggling simply to stay afloat never mind drinking fine nectar in the South of France. Then there were those amongst us who were curious to see how some actually get to live and for a moment pretend that it was themselves in those pictures- which in some perverse way can explain the whole of tabloid/celebrity journalism(but that’s another article all together).

Nevertheless despite the degree of reticence, bemusement, hostility or just outright jealousy that someone could have the gall or the brevity to share such images one individual, Annabel Schwartz whose lifestyle choices get to be depicted in the blog has come out to say that although mortified by the degree of attention she has received she’s certainly not ashamed of her behavior.

Annabel Schwartz is seen here with her mother Carol-Ann Ross at the launch party of her high-end fashion line Sibling Rivalry

Having received news of the commotion attached to the tumblr site whilst vacationing in the South of France (naturally) , she told  Good Morning America the following:

‘We all grew up quite nicely but I don’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that I can enjoy myself in Saint-Tropez.

Everyone here considers themselves to be a lot more substantial than their father’s credit card. I’m a fashion designer. My girlfriend goes to Cornell. I don’t want to be represented by my money and my vacation experiences.’

Doesn’t want to be defined by her families money but certainly has no problem in gloating in a kind of existence that for many has become vulgar or at the least betraying a kind of superficial fetish incongruent to most people’s existence. Then again Annabel wants to let you know that it wasn’t her intention to gloat about her precious existence but simply an effort to share amongst her close circle of friends and was never meant as a forum for the world at large to watch. Then again as charming as Annabel is with her rebuke, perhaps she should have realized given the viral effect of the internet that such a site could engender some degree of unease especially in the context of most people’s real world reality. Then again can we really blame Annabel and her friends if they choose to live a kind of lifestyle that brings them pleasure?

Annabel Schwartz amongsgt friends. Image via tumblr

Then there’s this:

dailymail.co.uk: MS Schwartz, a New York native who is a sophomore at the University of Miami, launched her own fashion line earlier this season and she is clearly targeting a wealthy audience with her price point.

Sibling Rivalry is the name of her fashion line and their website sells eight items, all ranging in price from $198 for a blue mini-romper to $695 for two different evening gowns. Ms Schwartz was seen wearing one of the two gowns at the launch party for her line.

Of course the immediate question in this author’s mind is when was the last time you came across a sophomore with their own fashion line? Is Annabel leaving out the part that such an expose can only quite reasonably have come with the assistance of her family? Then again should we punish Annabel for being fortunate enough to have such access? After all she could have chosen to be a delinquent as well as many offspring of well to do parents so often do.

Explains Annabel for us:

Sibling Rivalry’s explanation points to her ‘life growing up in New York City in a very fashionable and social scene’ as inspiration for the line.

She has also been photographed frequently by Partick McMullen, a photographer who frequently covers the most prestigious social events of the city’s calendar.

Prestigious events around the city calendar? Patrick McMullan? Social validation cause she was seen at the right party or cause she has access to money or connections that afford her an illusion that she is part of the in crowd never mind whether she actually exudes those qualities that would make someone be a well appropriated individual.

Then again why should anyone be surprised? We live in a society where name dropping, appearing in images, posing next to such a such person or at such a such event or with such a such experience is somehow suppose to validate us and make us preferred stars of society. That of course is a nifty trick that will work for most people who fail to think for themselves and don’t mind being saturated by preferred images but will inevitably find one exposed and outed by those who demand a bit more rigorous intellectual acumen. What do you think Annabel?

Annabel Schwartz. Aspiring NYC socialite? via facebook
more rich kids enjoying themselves via tumblr


  1. Sad. These kids will never know a hard day’s work. Also, anyone can come up with ‘fashion’ and have daddy pay for it. That doesn’t make you a fashion designer. Struggling for years off ramen noodles in a studio apartment while pitching your idea to VCs does. These people (these rich kids of instagram) are delusional dweebs who need to be put down

  2. she doesn’t look 19 to me, she looks about 35.
    DP might taste good and laying out in saint tropez might be divine but both wreak havoc on the skin.

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