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My hero DJ Jane Bang slaps Paris Hilton the fake that she is.

Jane Bang calls a spade a spade.
Jane Bang calls a spade a spade. Image via tmz.

Kids there’s nothing worse than a loaded media whore going about town playing airs that she’s something that she isn’t it. It’s frankly nothing more than a slap to those of you out there who legitimately excel and produce wonder after wonder and have party crashers like Parasite Hilton then pretending they’re part of the club. Wishful thinking says us.

Keeping it real is Jane Bang, a scallywag favorite and who is easily the bomb and one of the most authentic gutsy electronic beat dj’s on the circuit. Trying to copy her and pretend she’s just as cool is Paris Hilton, but of course Jane Bang isn’t too impressed and decided to release something to put that bixch Parasite in her place.

I think it’s hilarious and well deserved. So please Paris, just go back to your family money tree and let the real swingers make the music we love while you wallow in self conceit.

As Jane herself acknowledges:  “B**ch you ain’t no DJ … You a fake DJ … You didn’t mix that track … You f**kin iTunes’d that!”

God we love you Jane!

Jane Bang is my new preferred hawt bixch. Facebook; ‘Go Fxck yourselves!’