Home Pop Culture Did Kristen Stewart have sex with Rupert Sanders? Evidence suggests so…

Did Kristen Stewart have sex with Rupert Sanders? Evidence suggests so…

Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart
Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart

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Did Kristen Stewart cheat on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders?

Revelations that Kristen Stewart has been involved with Rupert Sanders greater than 6 months point to the notion that the two indeed did have conjugal relations despite Ms Stewart’s claim’s that their dalliance was a one off….

If I simply kiss another man behind my hunk boyfriend’s back am I cheating? What about if I have sex but still tell my hunk boyfriend he means the world to me?

With the revelation that Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders were carrying on behind each other’s respective partner’s back it has become imperative for both parties to try and salvage their public credibility as shock and disbelief from a betrayed public mount.

To what degree the two were engaging each other might be anyone’s guess, but what is for sure is that they are both fast being made to look irresponsible, callous and at best indifferent. In Ms Stewart’s case her credibility has taken a real nose dive as she is now being painted as just another floozy who never deserved the ‘gorgeous’ well meaning Robert Pattinson whilst Sanders himself is equally getting a savage beating for his indiscretions (never mind that these are two adults who have the right to choose as they wish, they are public figures whose every move is watched, and even more so now….).

With that knowledge above it should hardly surprise us to find out that ‘sources’ (such an intangible word, who are these mystery sources?) are now describing the dalliance between Stewart and Sanders as a flighty momentary indiscretion where in capital letters, NO SEX EVER TOOK PLACE.

The pictures that got Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in trouble.

Hmm, of course whether these two actually had sex or not can not be proven, but rest assured reporters are paying close attention to past photos of the two for any hints. In fact according to assertions by unindentified sources that their affair was just a momentary lapse do not fly too well considering the release of photos (see below) of the pair dining together on May 15 at Monsieur Vuong restaurant in Berlin, Germany, where it is said the two could barely take their eyes off each other. Indeed….

Then there’s this statement via Rupert Sander’s father, Michael who has spoken out in an effort to try and downplay the affair.

“From what I gather nothing really happened and it is all a lot of fuss about nothing. I should imagine it was something very brief,” he told People. “She is a very pretty girl and when you work that closely with someone for so long, sometimes things happen.”

Yes Michael. Things do happen, it’s just the public want to know how much did ‘things’ happen before they necessarily drop their idol for a new one or not….

How interesting then that in a matter of days In a matter of days one of the world’s highest paid actresses/celebrities has gone from demi god status to that of untouchabele floozy. From idolized can’t do no wrong, to everything that is wrong, from virtuous beauty that we could not take our eyes from to little tramp who would do whatever she needed to get hers. Whether she actually had sex with Rupert or not doesn’t even matter anymore, she’s the tarnished ‘village slut’ that’s all, which in some sad way says a lot about how we value our women: perfect, flawless, gorgeous, loyal or completely damned!

The incriminating kiss between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders.

Here are some comments below I came across the web that might shed some light how Ms Stewart is currently being perceived and what in part this suggests about Hollywood heroes who take on acting roles beyond those assigned to them by the public:

What actually matters here is her lack of integrity and self absorption that translates more into a faulty character and less about age or how young she is.  Kristen Stewart presents herself publicly as a self-centered and moderately talented actress who, in this case,  has intentionally chosen to self indulge in a way that was and is emotionally and professionally hurtful to her boyfriend, friends, co-workers and industry folks tied to the 2 films: SWATH & the Twilight Saga.  

Kristen Stewart is limited in her range as an actress and she hasn’t yet learned how to tap into the wealth of human emotion and experience that many actors her age already have.  Yes, we can sight her young age as a major factor in her “lapse” of judgement. I say that’s crap-Kristen Stewart simply doesn’t deserve all this hype as she hasn’t contributed anything that major culturally or artistically.  Kristen Stewart played herself, playing Bella in Twilight.  Kristen Stewart is stuck in mediocrity, lapses in judgement and hurtful self-absorbed behavior. There are so many talented young actors in this country that deserve our attention and Kristen Stewart is clearly not among them.

As far as I’m concerned, this entire media frenzy is nothing more than an attempt to use anything which comes to hand to vilify and smear Ms. Stewart, whom the media has cordially despised almost from the beginning of her acting career, notwithstanding the observable fact that she is clearly one of the finest actors of her generation. The media has always hated her, and made their hatred plain, because she has consistently refused to fit herself, and her private life most of all, into some kind of pre-packaged Hollywood mold, and has been consistently outspoken even to the point of being blunt when she does choose to speak out. She has refused to protray herself, or to allow herself to be portrayed, as the kind of brainless bimbo type of Hollywood personality which the media expects and is comfortable with, especially where young women are concerned, for which I applaud her.


they did not had sex. just kissing. ok it was wrong and a mistake. we agree with that. but seriously the tabloid are a bunch of hypocrite because so much more  has happened, than a young naive girl making out with another man in hollywood. her case is worst peanuts compared the other juicy scandals that had already happened in hollywood. but most of all she shows a lot of strenght by apologizing publicly and coming clear. a lot of hollywood stars would have denyed or said nothing or even lied to protect themself from the public opinion. she do not deserves the lashing out against her, she was really brave to face the situation and try to fix things up. but what i really did not understand is the director has escaped  the blame. he was the one who was married with kids, he has not even been mentioned.  he is the one who the public opinion should lash out. kstew is just the scapegoat of the tabloids who are trying to build a scandal on a making out session to sell more paper.


I just don’t understand why she keeps getting parts. Half the girls in my high school were better looking than her, and most were obese. Every actress in my intro to theater class in college was better than her. She’s only where she is because of her parents connections. She’s like the W. Bush of acting.


The only reason Kristen is getting most of the heat is because she’s famous and he (Rupert Sanders) is not. Personally, they are equally guilty for what they did. Some people say that Rupert is more guilty because he’s married with kids, but Kristen made the choice to sleep with a married man with kids. She’s not innocent here, nor should she be “left alone”. Should her career suffer from this? No, but then again I don’t care that much for her career at all because I think she’s a terrible actress, but that’s a different story. Also, can we please stop excusing her behavior because she’s young? There are plenty of young people who would not do what Kristen did. To lump 20 somethings all together like this is insulting. Kristen did this not because she is young but because she’s immature and selfish. Same goes for Rupert.


Slow news day…


The next Lindsay Lohan…….

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders



  1. whoops I didn’t mean to thumbs down lol…I actually agree they DEFINITELY screwed. Only a child wouldn’t recognize their behavior.

  2. the photos talk! whoever has ‘experience’ knows this is not the ‘first and only’ time. Come on! the whole world is not made of under 18 years old.

  3. Rupert is the one who should be blame more, the 41 years old man took a girl who is HALF of his age, disgusting pervert! Regardless, he has such a beautiful wife and two lovely children, poor them! Even his wife takes him back, don’t think the relationship will be the same again, when the trust is gone, it’s just the same as a broken mirror, beyond repair.

  4. Oh and did you see him stick his left hand down his jocks? no one taught the man that its bad manners to have your elbows on the table let alone go for a bit of stroke and grab in the presence of ladies or should I say lady.

  5. read my comment above. read it from a gossip blogger,IMO of course this version wont make it to the big media. kristens people are working hard on saving her image.

  6. I read stewart called the papz herself to send this to the wife, she had already warned the wife to let sanders free … what she never imagined, according to what i read, is that liberty send the pics to the media instead, giving herself also the scandal. eventhough all this i still like kristen and robert better, i think they are just too inmature to settle down.

  7. I dont understand they keep showing this pic all over the internet but it shows if you look at the whole video that all the cast of Snow White and the Huntsmen was there and talking with them.. This is bad reporting someone should loss their job for not doing the research. The journalist looks like an idiot.

  8. They are both sluts. Glad the Hollywood promiscuity was unearthed. Robert, dump her and thank your lucky stars her cheating was uncovered before you married her and possibly had children. This is a blessing in disguise.

  9. The dinner they had together in Germany was a cast dinner for SWATH geez in the photo Charlize theron is sitting between them, hope they work out it out really the media are making things worst by coming up with all the stories damming her ( more) and now by saying robs relationship with emille was a reason for her indiscretion ? Please!! she shouldn’t have but she did lots of explaining, grovelling to do on her part. I’m sure she is suffering just as much

  10. Im probably the only one who read all of this crap. Interesting outlook. What made you come up with this?

  11. Probably the sleezy director made a move on her even before that july 17 (date when the us weekly pictures were taken) she’s young indeed and gave in to temptation. robert and kristen’s chemistry was undeniable on screen and off screen but we can never know what happens under closed curtains. Being young we do things without thinking of the consequences of our actions but i really feel when she learned she got caught it opened her eyes and that now she regrets and i do feel she really loves robert. For fuck sakes she’s only 22 our minds don’t develop till 25.BUT they DIDN’T have sex u.u

  12. What that netizen said is correct to a certain point. but still, I see no excuse for that. It’s simply not the way where integrity is concerned, Ms Kstew.

  13. I feel sort of bad for her. How many shitty things have you done in your life that you wouldn’t want all over the tabloids? Then again, she gets paid 35 million a year. I’d most certainly be able to find something more fun to do than to lick on a married 41 year old. Ok, never mind. I don’t feel bad for her.

  14. The thing that amazes me is that they did this in broad daylight out in public. Couldn’t they have gotten a hotel using codenames??? 22 year old girls are stupid. He’s 41, married with children. He could have at least sprung for a hotel room.

  15. EEW. My guess, they had sex, if not in the car, somewhere else. She was keeping Saunders on the hook. Look at her face when they get out of the car. That’s not a look of love, or even enjoyment-that’s a look, of, “I got this guy right where I want him” look. My guess, this was about her job. I hear they have yet to film the sequel to Snow W. This girl likes to win. I think something happened on the set with the women, and this is Kristen’s way of saying,- “You old hags, I win. I can take your guy, AND keep mine! And take all the headlines! No one the wiser.” Look at the poor sap Saunders, too. Look at the way she’s got him all HOOKED and EAGERLY leaning in to her. That’s not a guy who’s had a one time thing. That is a guy coming back for more, before he’s got to get back to reality, and he’s going for all he’s worth, and able to get, -on the side. Yeah, they’re sorry, alright, SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT.

    Kristen promptly apologizes, like a GUY, her androgynous nature showing. She knows exactly what she’s doing, -she wanted this to get out. She wanted people to KNOW. It suited her timing. She made it VERY CLEAR she’s not a bit serious about Saunders, look at what she said to the press. Poor Saunders, I could just picture it, “She gave me up!-She admitted it was us!-Not even a half hearted denial!” Her “apology letter” to Mrs., is simply a formality, is my guess. THERE WERE A NUMBER OF WAYS STEWART COULD HAVE HANDLED THIS THING. After all, she doesn’t want her career to tank with this thing. She wants other women to be willing to work with her in the future. For that to happen, she needs to “LOOK” contrite, even if she couldn’t give a flip about it. My guess, she really doesn’t give a flip about Mrs. Probably smug. I guarantee, STEWART WILL FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS THING.

    Mr. Saunders, you got used, by a 22 year old, who wanted to get rid of her boyfriend, who was making demands of her that she simply didn’t want to live up to. This is how sad and pathetic a man facing mid-life can be. Instead of seeing in his children, the very life and posterity, he’d be leaving behind and being proud of it, he chose the easy way, and sadly the way that ruined his family life. He didn’t even bother to take the time to pick a woman who would care of his life and protect him in the process. He picked a girl, who was out for herself, and wanted to show off “what she could do.” A 22 year old, who didn’t care a whit about him. She was having fun, that’s it, plain and simple. Now that she’s said her piece, nobody can embarrass HER and deny the affair. That’s all she was after. Did anybody catch that? She wanted to WIN. If she wanted Rob back, she would have kept it quiet, and let Saunders say whatever the hell he’d wanted to-he’d be sure to deny it- and she could have easily followed suit. Instead, she made a pre-emptive strike, so that she could spin things. That tells me, that these photos could have easily been something she may have been banking on to surface sometime, if not today. She was just waiting for the right time.

    Did you see his kids? Amazing looking beautiful children if I ever saw any. I feel sorry for them. How would you like to grow up, every time you think of your Dad’s crowning achievement, -is Snow White, your Dad’s first movie, and all anyone can ever remember is these photos of your Dad, looking like the village idiot? Their memories of him are going to be tarnished forever. That’s the saddest thing ever.

    Mrs., has already said her piece, and I’m certain, more to follow, if she chose to use social media, for everyone to see, by posting it. Let’s face it, Mrs., will forever be getting support, and well wishes. She’s not going to fare badly at all. All the women everywhere will be in her corner. Look at Aniston, please. Aniston “could do nothing wrong” in public, and the women of America would never say anything, if she did, because, “This must be what the affair had done to her”-thought prevails.

  16. c’mmon guys, dont be naive, by the way he holds her, you could tell how many times they had sex…

  17. No one knows what they did or if it meant anything except them and as she has already told her side, where is rupert’s? or is a coward hiding behind her so that he can save his backside.

  18. They didn’t have sex, you see because the paparazzi would have caught them in the act with full colour high def porn style penetration penetration shots. Come on! of course they had sex.. It’s not a question of if, it’s more a question of how many times, when it started, etc..

  19. nossa como podee neh trai um deus grego daquele oh Rob é muiito lindo
    mais ele vai supera neeh porque Cair, sofrer, errar, perder… Se for pra me ensinar a viver, vale a pena

  20. Rob, please dump her. Get over the heartache now and for all is much much better than keep having the heartache again and again forever being with her. Once a cheater is always a cheater. There is no cure or treatment for this source of thing. She is genetically mapped as a cheater and she is also an actress. It is like a perfect storm.

  21. scally dresses like a woman and gives head in the west village. if any of you readers visit ny, your in for a treat. all he asks in return is a little blow and a hamburfer from mcdonalds

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