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7 year old boy attempted suicide twice after 11 year old classmate forced him to perform fellatio.


The rotten things schoolboys do to each other…

The mother of a 7 year old boy is suing the Downtown Charter school in Miami after the school ignored claims that her son was repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted by an older classmate.

washingtonpost: The boy, identified only as “John” in the lawsuit, first told his mother in November 2011 that the 11-year-old boy “made me do something nasty” in the back of a school bus, according to a police report. The boy said he was forced to perform oral sex on the classmate, “J.R.” who warned him, “If you don’t do this, I’m gonna hurt you,” the report says.

At the time the boy’s mother reached out to Rebecca Dinda, the school’s principal, who assured her that the harassment would stop and that the two children would be separated and closely watched. Yet according to attorney, Jeffrey Hermann, the bullying and threats continued leading to a second sexual assault in a school restroom.

And the misery continues:

The younger boy’s mother said “John” attempted suicide twice after that, once by deliberately standing in traffic with his eyes closed and another time by sticking a metal hanger in an electric socket. The mother, who asked not to be identified by name to protect her son’s identity, said he is now taking psychological medications, has frequent difficulty sleeping and making friends and will likely undergo therapy for years.

“It has been a nightmare, and I would not want anybody to feel the way I do,” she said.

Sought after for a comment the school at present has declined citing an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter. It is also understood the 7 year old is undergoing mental counseling.

At present the mother’s lawyer is seeking damages into the millions for the pain and anguish of the trauma inflicted.

“There will be big damages in this case. His life will never be the same,” he said.

One can only ultimately only wonder how the 7 year old boy was subjected to such abuse not once but twice and why the 11 year old boy wasn’t immediately brought forward. Then again assuaging and controlling the behavior of a young boy’s intent on hurting others (when they perhaps seek to recriminate the hurt they feel themselves) can only ever be a thankless task. Such a burden for a 7 year old boy to carry because a fellow classmate couldn’t carry his own…(then again did the school ever offer an outlet?)

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