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Girls want to fuck all you guys, but just not for free….

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In response to The problem with women. Why they should learn to fuck better We want to all out fuck you guys but you don’t want to put the time in and you want us to do all of the work for free.

Girls are like cats, I agree.  They do like to come when they please and don’t like to be forced. However, they definitely liked to be rewarded for behaving, and they are very finicky loyal creatures.  However, you can’t pick up a cat and force it on your lap.  You have to adore it and make it feel as if it wants to do right by you. A lot of guys don’t want to put the work in to get there. It is imperative the guy adores the girl so he can pay enough attention to her as a friend for her to really be the all out baby slut he dreams of.  Why would a girl want to share intimate time making a man feel good if he doesn’t want to spend intimate time investing in an actual friendship with her? I mean either way she’s going to get fucked.

The girl wants to have the guy treat her with all of the benefits that come with “wifey” and guys want all of the benefits of “baby slut.” It might not last forever, but a girl prefers investing in a solid temporary relationship as opposed to being the target of a constant acquisition.  Until a commitment is made, the girl is treated like she has the plague during the day the way frat boys treat sorority girls.  All she wants is to enjoy her time being adored and fucked for the term of for exploring the relationship without feeling like she isn’t getting treated as a good partner/friend.

This sucks and girls don’t want to fuck you guys. So here’s food for thought… perhaps

It starts with the boys club and the boys in charge can buy whatever they want; getting a girl to agree to come willingly with them is just more fun.  It’s the boys club, even I as a female fail victim to it as for awhile. I really enjoyed stealing the girls who never touched another girl from the boys; it earned me swag respect and made me untouchable. I’ve done it all to lose myself in the seduction of being untouchable but it only encourages the boys to revel in what one of the aspects that fuel the inequality that most women feel but cannot explain:

In the event that a man fails to seduce a girl, usually men cannot engage the girl as more than discarded meat even if she represents other opportunities besides intimacy.  Interestingly enough most men cannot maintain a friendship with a girl they have been able to seduce that they do not adore.  However, they will push for immediate intimacy even if they do not really adore the girl just because they want to assert their dominance.  Any way you cut it the girl will just be excluded from any opportunity that person might represent in the event that the person can rationalize making advancement because most men shut down when the girl does not respond.  Most women just go home crying really, and never learn how to get over the emotional pain of the guy putting her sexuality into her valuation parameters.

Considering the boys club runs Wall Street where everything starts, one can only imagine how everything is built on top of it. Where does that leave women to represent themselves in group participation during the group bonding period?  What is it Goldman boasts of having 5% female partners and I’ve never seen a female being groomed as a new recruitee for the boutique alternative?

Girl’s only allies are those who adore them.  It is really insulting to have the guy she is constantly defining her working relationships to (because they adore her dreams and beauty) have more of a vested interest in her than the guy she is fucking.  It makes the guys who sees the world of her wonder why she is so shallow not to respond to their advances because at the end of the day they do care about her enough to make some commitment to her; they come together to share a purpose and share the food for other reasons than sex the way the “bros” do. Essentially then when a guy doesn’t put in the time and effort to develop this sort of adoration and respect, the women sale short to satisfy their libido. When they sale short just to satisfy their libido, the man will not get the baby slut he wants.

Is this how men see women?

Question is how does a guy do right by the girl so she gives him what she wants? When do I behave? I behave for the one who enjoys washing my hair, and making me breakfast and doing it all over again until we figure it out. Girls don’t want to be treated like an insect while it is being figured out! Guys are supposed to be the leaders, and if you can’t lead us to want to be a baby slut, you aren’t treating us right and it is just a natural defensive response that shows you are a poor care giver which is really what it is about regardless of if kids are on the current agenda. 

It doesn’t matter if you are on Wall Street or if you are selling Mary Kay, and it isn’t really about money. It’s about being a good partner for the time you are with us, and providing enough stability emotionally for the intimacy.  Although men always have more money because of the situation described previously so it is sort of annoying when they don’t have a “baby when your with me, I’ll give you whatever you want just don’t put me in financial distress, thanks.” type of attitude. Guys can say they want the girl to just be with them for them, but that is a selfish cop out so that they don’t have to put the work in.

By the way, the good guys might make advancements because they can’t help but fall in love with a girl’s dream and beauty, but they stick past the rejection and still see a female as a valuable member of the team to share work and profit opportunity. Even if he doesn’t, other people will question his relationship with the girl regularly.  This will cause problems and it is something that a successful girl must learn to manage gracefully.  That means she has to constantly define her role without losing confidence that her value add is just not sex without breaking down; which is incredibly painful as it seems she is not going to get anything at all if she doesn’t put out, so it looks as if her sex is 100% value add.  It’s not the way it is supposed to be, but it is the way it is.

Food for thought, Coco Chanel started her business with money her late husband took out for her from the bank.


  1. I bet you wish you were right. Go sit outside of an above average neighborhood with a video camera and see what kind of women live there. Then take yourself and find the poorest area and do the same. You’ll see what women are like with this legitimate study. Remember, I’m talking about women, not little the little girls you’re basing your study on.

  2. Wow, the people on here sound like they’re either trying to make jokes or didn’t actually read any of the post. I would love to be best friends and in love with a nice lady, but no one will give me a chance. My problem is that I don’t know the secret mannerism or whatever it is that ladies expect me to know to be able to get to know them better.

  3. You provide these statistics as if you have been forced to earn less. If women hold only 10.4% of the board seats and highest-paid executive officer positions, it is because only a few women are capable enough to hold positions like those. Men are far more intelligent and waste less time as they do not worry about makeup and push-up bras. If I am interviewing someone for my company, I would choose someone who can bring value to my company. Man or woman…it does not make a difference. Turns out, men indeed prove to be more valuable.

  4. “Guys can say they want the girl to just be with them for them, but that
    is a selfish cop out so that they don’t have to put the work in.”

    This is quite misleading. While it *can* be used as a cop out, it is not necessarily a cop out for all men who follow this statement. I for one *do* want a girl who wants me for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be lazy, and not put work into making a relationship work, if that’s what you mean when you said “put the work in.” Even if it’s just being friends.

    But at the same time, I don’t want a gold digger, that could use the statement above and label it as a mere cop out, when it’s not for some men, and use it to perpetuate their gold digging habits.

  5. pertaining to the title. Women dont fuck for free in america and If you dont have the following commonities; time, money, stupid cute possessions around the house, food, drugs, then your not going to get fucked. These commonities are used to charm and bless the (hustlers or prostitutes). For all the guys that skimmed the trash above remember the most precious commonity you have is time, and in america Money is the peoples god.

    If any females are mad to my response dont worry I dont fuck hustlers I put them in their places.

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    shy about how she looks, that is proud of her body no matter her shape,
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  7. •Women hold only 10.4% of the board seats and highest-paid executive officer positions. That’s one woman for every nine men in the top leadership roles at these 400 high-profile public companies.
    •122 (more than 30%) of California’s 400 largest public companies have no women in a top executive position or on the board of directors.
    •Half of the 400 companies have no woman among their executive officers.
    •47% percent have no woman in the boardroom.
    •Only 13 of these 400 companies have a woman CEO.

    statistics from http://www.womenonbusiness.com/more-men-in-executive-positions-than-women-101-ratio/

    These numbers are not a “sweeping generalization”

  8. I can’t help but notice that you have no idea what you’re talking about and are only speaking from personal experiences while make sweeping generalizations. Who made you this way, I wonder?

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