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Casey Anthony stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson wanted by FBI.

Brianne Chantal Patterson
Brianne Chantal Patterson

Scumbag Brianne Chantal Patterson busted again

In what is turning out to be one of the most banal and bizarre cases in cyber land,  known internet troll and vindictive imposter and pursuer of general celebrities (and those that report on them), Brianne Patterson, or is it Brianne Chantal or Chantal Patterson, Anne Chantal, etc, etc (who can be sure which alias is in vogue this morning amongst many that have been reported over the years to internet crime stalkers) is now under investigation courtesy of the FBI. Apparently it seems the British Columbian, Canadian resident has once again found herself on the wrong side of the law in her latest attempt to defame, intimidate and bully general public figures for her own amusement (Kelly Clarkson, Sam Lufti, Peter Facinelli, Justin Bieber fan base are just a few victims involved over the years).

Pursuant to an incident late last year which saw the leaking of Casey Anthony video tapes the widely known internet stalker began an illicit campaign of claiming that she had been the one to discover and leak the tapes to the public (she had gone so far as to fraudulently emboss her own own name on the tapes whilst stripping the original copyright owner, WESH, an affiliate of NBC of their own name on the by then publicly rotating tapes on youtube). This claim led to general ridicule and a hideous cat and mouse game involving an Amelia Sobel who by now had become a hit target of Ms Patterson, presumably because as Ms Sobel claims in her blog she alone had access to certain material Ms Patterson did not and was desperate to vilify her if she did not relent and share said leaks. Either way the aim was to vilify Casey Anthony and take her out for target practice.

By this stage the general media was very curious and wondering how it came to be video tapes and images of Casey Anthony, who had been acquitted last year of first degree murder were now beginning to make the rounds, especially since the alleged baby killer had gone in hiding given the public’s wrath with her being found innocent. By now outlets like radaronline and tmz were running snippets linking back to Ms Sobel’s twitter account and eventually I myself would find myself being invited to CNN to discuss my thoughts on what this all meant and whether Casey Anthony herself had leaked the tapes to the public. Or if perhaps other forces were at play…?

By this stage my detective work led me to a Ms Brianne Patterson who by now was tipping me off on said images and videos hours before they were becoming general consumption material. How a young woman from Canada who it seemed had no direct relationship to Ms Anthony was able to discover such material made no sense, nevertheless I was curious and by now I had  invited her to contribute posts on the matter (at this stage I had no knowledge of complicit behavior until one of our writers tipped me off at a later date) as it had become increasingly difficult to decipher who was who on twitter and facebook accounts (by now a bewildering multitude of accounts had sprung up on the web) who could have or not belonged to Ms Casey Anthony, Brianne Patterson or some had even speculated a Holly Briley (who had like many disenchanted individuals set up a Caylee Anthony, the young child murdered, site in support of eventual justice for the child) or even Amelia Sobel who by now was religiously releasing images and video clips from undisclosed sources.

To date Ms Sobel has not publicly explained how she of all people attained these images except to offer at one point they were given to her courtesy of a Rob Hensley who may or may not have been Casey Anthony’s boyfriend at the time.

The game of cat and mouse eventually escalated come March and April of this year when Ms Patterson was accused by Ms Sobel of copyright infringement of her own material (an allegation that coincidentally Ms Patterson had sought on Ms Sobel days before, a trick technique that this publisher learned first hand about as well).

By now Ms Sobel had gone on to release a book (#Lieslieslies: Exposing Casey and Surviving the Smear) on the afterlife of Casey Anthony pursuant to her release from custody last summer. Nevertheless Ms Patterson was adamant in bringing disrepute to Ms Sobel and had sought under perjury to claim that she was the legitimate owner of material appearing in Ms Sobel’s blog. The facts since then have proven otherwise.

By this stage it should also be known that Ms Patterson had been fired by our outlet for insubordinate behavior and for failing to divulge information after an article we ran on Twilight actor Peter Facinelli eventuated in the actor seeking legal recourse against our journal. Articles that Ms Patterson had single handedly written alleging she knew who the actor was having an affair with and by now who was desperately and illegally trying to take down behind this publisher’s back. From there it also led to Ms Patterson also filing a copyrights claim against us, resulting in our then host at the time, godaddy taking us down for a spell at the request of Ms Patterson who by now was tweeting her delight in effecting our ‘demise.’

The above image was captured before Ms Patterson in predictable form had it quickly taken down to obviate guilt on her own part.

Nevertheless our site returned on the airwaves after we found a new host provider (to say we were appalled with godaddy would be an understatement) and since then we have gone on to file legal requests with the DCMA to show cause whether Ms Patterson was the legal owner of material as she had then claimed. Interestingly she chose not to seek the same of us (how could she, our material was original and hers were fraudulently back dated links of copied and pasted material of our own links) as is legally required within a ten day window if one is to affect permanent violation and at present our outlet is awaiting for the DCMA to get back to us before we too officially proceed with a lawsuit against Ms Patterson.

Comments Ms Sobel:

In March of 2012 Brianne “Chantal” Patterson filed her first false copyright claim against this website. She lied under the threat of perjury to GoDaddy claiming she owned a photo of Casey Anthony. This would also be the month Brianne would send Holly Briley photoshopped pictures of herself with Casey claiming she knew Casey and they were friends.

In April of 2012 Brianne Patterson filed her second false complaint against this website, lying again and claiming she owns the photo of her above that was featured in a local Burnaby, BC news organization that clearly states of the webpage that it owns the copyright to the photo.

By this stage Ms Patterson had escalated her game of cat and mouse and had begun according to Ms Sobel to publicly disclose Ms Sobel’s address and phone number which led to her daily harassment at the hands of Casey Anthony haters who were convinced that Ms Sobel was in cahoots with the Florida woman to profit over the death of her deceased daughter.

Brianne Patterson is very upset that I wrote a book about Casey Anthony. Prior to my book’s release Ms. Patterson released her own “book”, Bully in Ohio, which she claimed to be all about her struggles fighting Holly Briley. Unsurprisingly the book sold zero copies, as it was not rated on Amazon, and disappeared shortly after its posting. This would not stop Brianne from spending hours a day on my book’s Facebook page spamming comments and reporting me for every false complaint from copyrights to death threats.

Brianne Patterson has claimed she will seek a civil suit against me. To that I say, bring it on. I have never posted anything defamatory about Ms. Patterson. Whoever hijacked my Twitter username has partook in a childish war of words with Ms. Patterson, posting her phone number publicly. I have never claimed to be this user, and a simple IP track of the email they were using, “[email protected]” will prove that. My suspicion that this user that attacked Brianne so much is actually Brianne herself is one founded in the evidence available. The user who impersonated me on Twitter frequently posted links to Brianne’s blog and posted her phone number before I ever had any knowledge of what it was.

Brianne Patterson aka Brianne Chantal Patterson
Brianne Patterson. Image via bustedbitchesandinternetstalkers.com
Brianne Patterson. Image via bustedbitchesandinternetstalkers.com

By now the vilification had escalated with the involvement of Ms Holly Briley who was also at this stage writing for the blog radionewz (like Ms Patterson soon after she the Facinelli affair). By now it had become an amusing pissing match of who said what and who was going to be charged and vilified and what not. Then it escalated again (it should also be understood by now that Ms Patterson had by now had alienated radionewz and had even filed charges against the blog:

Wrote Holly Briley to this author last night in a personal email after seeking her thoughts pursuant to troubling comments of possible suicide at the hands of Ms Patterson on facebook:

She did go to the FBI in San Diego, they called me last week.. but not really because of the copyright but because of the things Amelia told them .. like we were threatening her 17 year old brother .. not true. They were however very interested in her claims she is a Dr, etc.. this is illegal in Cali. They were even more concerned about her attempts at extortion. Ive got all this on Radio.. along w/ screen shots. These threats are what spooked Brianne into going buddy w/ Amelia and doing what she is doing again .. and like the first time.. falsely… to Radio, Jon and myself. You know the way she rolls.

Just what Ive said. She flipped her shxt when Amelia started threatening legal move and the FBI. No doubt because of all the fake DMCA complaints she filed and the fake police reports, etc she filed. I do know that she bragged to Radio and I .. I think before the FBI was threatened that she was indeed faxing the San Diego PD about Brianne. At this point Amelia’s threats were just that … threats. Bri really freaked when she found out that the FBI had indeed contacted me regarding all of this business. I told you that story. .. I think this really freaked her out b/c well.. its the FBI. That could possibly lead to not only US charges but potentially international charges against her bc she is in Canada.

As for the suicide threat tonight.. sympathy pure and simple. I opened my Busted Bitches blog back up tonight ( the one I told her I deleted) and was posting it all over letting people know it was back. That combined w/ the hammering she is taking on Radio she freaked.. thought the only way to get people upset w/ us and thereby stopping us was to do the suicide threat thing.

Of course she denies she did it.. youve seen that Im sure. She also insist she is in Vegas right now, but then true to her form, busted herself w/ a post she made http://briannechantal.blogspot.ca/2012/05/tonights-events.html

I dont know what else it is you want to know.. there is so much..you know she has a special brand of crazy. .. she freaked, panicked because she knows her ass is toast..anyone who has pulled as many stunts and filed false reports as she has should be worried.

(A delightful read of Brianne Patterson’s fake suicide attempt is recorded here courtesy of radionewz.net)

At present Ms Sobel has physically visited the FBI and is awaiting for a response from their office as they undertake an inquiry into the nefarious undertaking of Ms Patterson who’s one saving grace may be is that she may well be clinically ‘mad’ and perhaps absolved of the now criminal allegations against her.

The curious case of Internet stalker and savage Brianne Patterson.

Peter Facinelli purported lover is fired for refusing to out herself.

Original link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amelia-Noel-Presents/295987427123122


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