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Oh no! IT Administrator arrested after video shows him peeing on four female co worker’s chairs over course of 5 months.

Raymond Charles Foley is a preferred hawt bixch...
Raymond Charles Foley is a preferred hawt bixch...

Raymond Charles Foley has a secret. But you may want to get out of your chair before the hawt bixch tells you…

What to think what to say? Never mind one day Raymond Charles Foley will be thinking about this day. Laughing and reflecting at the local pub how he was getting away with the best stunt imaginable when he’ll suddenly pull down his pants piss along his legs and ever so nonchallantly roll them back up as he continues enjoying the balance of his evening….waiting to see if you should politely choose to get on your knees and wipe the pee stains away with your tongue….

desmoinesregister: ….a man accused of urinating on the office chairs of fellow Farm Bureau employees turned himself in on Saturday, according to officials with the West Des Moines Police Department.

Raymond Charles Foley, 59, was charged with second-degree criminal mischief this morning.

A Farm Bureau vice president at the agency’s West Des Moines office told authorities on March 26 that Foley had been caught on video camera urinating on the office chairs of four female co-workers.

Foley was fired the same day police were informed of the incident.

Fired? Our hero? Perhaps he was simply only attempting to offer a public service to those who would have been too embarrassed otherwise to have asked for it. If one after all can piss on their partner (let’s not go there please….blah!) surely one as an act of kindness and titiliation piss on one’s fellow chair?

Yes, of course the temptation to tell them that they are sitting on a custom made pee puddle might be too much for some, but for our collective hawt bixch Foley allowing his fellow office workers to luxuriate in his piss stains was the least he could surely do? After all, if everyone could be jolly office mates in front of each other, surely it followed one could be even more jolly best office mates behind one’s back…and let’s be honest surely there was some kind of sexual gratification of getting it off with the office hotties without them even knowing that were been gotten off….

According to police documents, the man would look up employee photos in the agency’s database. He “would pick out the attractive females and then on off-hours, he would come into work, go to their desk, and urinate on their chairs.”

Oh dear. Nothing beats sexual intimacy then a solid pissing match. Right? Then again if you can’t ask them out on a date (I know that mug of his hardly does him justice) at the very least one can leave a couple of dribbles on the arm rest?

Employees first started complaining about stains on their chairs in October 2011. Surveillance cameras were installed in February.

The value of the damaged chairs was estimated at $4,500.

Isn’t it time you sexually aroused your fellow co workers too?



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