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Jason Russell meltdown precipitated by a conflict of consciousness. Gay rumors fuel fire…

Jason Russell. Image via TMZ.
Jason Russell. Image via TMZ.

Jason Russell reflects on his meltdown and gay rumors with Oprah Winfrey.

Jason Russell said to suffer from psychosis but is this just a deflection? A crises beyond gay identity…

Video: Jason Russell screaming ‘You’re the devil!’ Gay rumors linger.

Source: Jason Russell broke down cause he’s closet gay!

Is Jason Russell the victim of his consciousness?

Off the back of our source close to the Jason Russell camp this past Sunday that the film maker may in fact be gay and his public meltdown this past Thursday was only the physical manifestation of that comes the notion that the breakdown wasn’t so much precedented by Mr Russell’s failure to own up to his sexuality but the fact that the entity he is involved with, Invisible Children is backed by anti gay christian groups.

In fact so fierce has the condemnation been towards the group that commentators on this site are beginning to highly doubt the veracity of comments issued by the board which claim that Russell’s breakdown came as a result of being dehydrated, malnourished and exhausted.

Some commentators have even begun to wonder out aloud if there is some sort of foul play in the inside corridors of Invisible Child which may make sense especially as our source literally feared for their life should their identity ever be publicly revealed.

Said our source Sunday night: “…..meaning one of the board members is so in denial they all are standing by the dehydration & stress story…. she actually suggested it was “sick” for saying it could be anything more… i told her out of compassion that if they continue to treat him with gatoraid lol & prayer hes likely to end up in a bad situation… as in he needs mental health care & or drug intervention because lets fact it that was no act of dehydration malnutrition and stress… i was diagnosed when i came back from xxxxxx dehydrated & mal nourished i had enlarged liver because of this & my mind was in no way altered like his was in the video… i honestly believe hes closet gay & its that secret thats eating him up & i truly fear for his life… mental or drugs whatever mixed with that kind of inner turmoil is a recipe for suicide or other harmful behavior.’ 

And continues:

Invisible Children works with such anti-gay groups as National Christian Foundation, Focus on the Family, and American Research Council. The Fellowship Foundation works in conjunction with the fundamentalist shadow organization known as “The Fellowship AKA The Family” lists as members, political lawmakers like Senators Inhofe, DeMint, Coburn, Ensign, Grassley, Thurmond, etc. The Family has largely pushed Christian Ugandan lawmakers to propose a “kill the gays” bill, which would make homosexuality punishable by death.

This would tie in quite well given that Invisible Children has been publicly linked to anti gay donors as documented by NY Mag’s recent article that the charity’s major donors included “anti-gay, evolution-doubting evangelical groups, as well as the author of Uganda‘s anti-homosexuality bill, who has said ‘even animals are wiser than homosexuals.'” All this despite the outlet’s purported support of humanitarian aims.

Hardly the most compelling stance one would be running to affirm especially if one was also at the same time struggling with their own latent sexuality which went against the grain of ones principal affiliation’s under the table policy. That plus having to maintain the charade that the backyard is a colorful vista of fragrant roses when its aroma is pungent and noxious to one’s very essence….

So visceral has the debate become that various commentators have begun to wonder out aloud the legitimacy of Invisible Children and the conflict this may have had on Jason Russell:

Reflect an array of readers:

Maybe, he aligns himself w/ anti-gay movements to fight his homosexuality and thanks to his Christian upbringing, he’s going crazy trying to hid his homosexual nature and desires away.

Seriously, as soon as I saw his meltdown on TV, I didn’t even know who he was, bc my TV was on mute and I was on the phone.
My GAYDAR buzzer went on immediately. I thought, OMG a GAY GUY is having a fit in the street. He was doing the walk, and the talk, and the clapping, and the waving his arms around gesture…Oh Please!!! EXACTLY the way gay guys do, when they get upset.

I am sorry, have anyone ever seen a “dehydrated”, “exhausted.” “malnourished” person raving like that? Nah, those fierce queen snaps caught on tape, talks for it self. I think he had some type underline mental disorder, and maybe some substance abuse, plus, the pressure of “Being In The Closet.” Just as simple as that!

He needs to come out, or that is going to have a very very very tragic ending. God Forbid! The Truth Will Set Him Free! So what if he is gay?! I feel so bad for him, for his kids, and family. Jesus, he is going to need to be very strong to not end his life after that exposure. It won’t go away! That will be in the internet forever. Unfortunately, his children will have to deal with it, for the rest of their lives as well. WOW! That can happen to the best of us. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the fine line between sanity and madness gotten finer?


Look past the headlines and it’s easy enough to see that Invisible Children does NOT have an anti gay agenda. Their purpose is very clear and they will work with anyone willing to help them achieve their goals. Gay people work in cooperation with the organization and they have staff who are openly gay as well. In fact, the VP of business operations, Chris Sarette, is one and he recently addressed this.
Chris (VP of business operations) gave a statement to the Daily Intelreading, “I have been a core member of the management staff at Invisible Children for five years. The fact that Invisible Children sees people as PEOPLE — whether they be family, neighbors, or children in Central Africa — is one of the reasons I finally came out as a gay man. Invisible Children’s work concerns a human rights issue, and has attracted supporters, employees, and board members who otherwise sit on different sides of the aisle on many other issues. Invisible Children is not an anti-gay organization, and has in fact publicly spoken out against acts of violence on members of the GLBT community in Uganda. Hate in any form is counterproductive to our mission.”

Whatever the reason for Jason’s breakdown, it’s disturbing and sad. But, the movement is not about him. The organization seems pretty solid and they’ll keep moving forward. I hope they are successful. 


The sad thing about this is–if Jason Russell ever admits he is gay–the anti-gay bigots in the country will try to say this episode is evidence of gay people being mentally unstable, when the reality is that gay people would be perfectly happy if they didn’t live each day in a homophobic environment where the systemic oppression of LGBT people was the status quo. Jason Russell’s upbringing and his involvement in virulently anti-gay ministries is responsible for where he is today. No man is an island. Those in his social circle and the broader community he inhabits (i.e. the United States, the Church, etc.) all have a hand in his psychological illness.


Scallywag, I have some email threads on the subject of their funding with an IC “supporter” that soon deleted his profile and all comments from an article. It seems that they are not prepared for the questions of their funding and affiliate organisations.

I think it is pretty obvious that this is a repressed gay man who has suddenly been confronted with a lot of questions, luckily he is attempting to deal with the issue. How the PR/spin plays out of the next few days is key.

Lets just remember that we have 32 high profile people supporting this campaign along with President Obama, would they not have checked for the real agenda behind this video before putting their names to it? A known anti-gay linked charity pushing for action in a country the US just sent 100 troops to, who are effectively going to supporting a Government that wants to push through the death penalty for homosexual behaviour.


He has orchestrated a tax fraud that he is worried he will go to prison for. They do not charge sales tax for selling the shirts because they claim it is a gift with your donation. But they set the price, so its not a donation. An employee told me of arguments he heard with Jay Woodcock (the former CFO) over issues with the tax evasion and Jay was concerned about going to prison over this issue and since he just had a baby he wanted to play it safe. So Jay quit.


just because he acts like an idiot does not mean hes gay that is really horrible of you guys to just assume you need to get the facts about things like this before assuming




  1. hey – I’m with you re: JR probably in the closet, that’s sad and this is a decent article, but please have an editor look at your stuff before you publish, i.e. this is just wrong and you wrote it twice: “wonder out aloud”
    and try to be less pretentious for your own sake, it really makes for poor writing, and I believe that’s what you want to continue doing, right? Best of luck-

  2. Jason Russell’s issues, whatever they may be, are a private matter. What the rest of us should be concerned about is that millions have been duped into calling for increased U.S. military presence in Uganda, despite the fact that Kony isn’t there. The right-wing interest in Uganda is driven by the American religious wingnuts who desperately want to support their religious right-wing counterparts in Uganda.

  3. OMG, he’s such a queen. Look at the way he’s walking… No more questions, we have a winner 😉

  4. TMZ and everyone who works for them are SCUMBAGS!! Especially the boss man! He is lower than a rat.

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