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Source: Jason Russell broke down cause he’s closet gay!

Jason Russell.
Jason Russell.

Jason Russell reflects on his meltdown and gay rumors with Oprah Winfrey.

Jason Russell said to suffer from psychosis but is this just a deflection? A crises beyond gay identity…

Jason Russell meltdown precipitated by a conflict of consciousness. Gay rumors fuel fire…

Video: Jason Russell screaming ‘You’re the devil!’ Gay rumors linger.

What led to Jason Russell breaking down the way he did this past Thursday? A source discloses something contrary to what is being publicly broached….

The curse of fame it seems has been abundantly too much for one aspiring film maker and social activist, Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell. The activist, who featured himself and his child in the viral 30-minute Kony2012 campaign video, which aims to shed light on the killings committed by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army, was detained Thursday morning for his patently bizarre behavior which has led to many wondering what had happened for him to succumb the way he did.

According to San Diego Police Department, 33-year-old Russell was at the time allegedly found drunk in public, masturbating, and vandalizing cars. Police also went on to say that Russell was only dressed in his underwear, which at one point he took off.

Pursuant to the incident, Russell was taken to a medical center and later released and unlikely to face criminal charges.

Said Ben Kessey, Invisible Children’s chief executive on Friday:

Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday. Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.

But according to one source close to the inner circle we received the following statement:

“…..meaning one of the board members is so in denial they all are standing by the dehydration & stress story…. she actually suggested it was “sick” for saying it could be anything more… i told her out of compassion that if they continue to treat him with gatoraid lol & prayer hes likely to end up in a bad situation… as in he needs mental health care & or drug intervention because lets fact it that was no act of dehydration malnutrition and stress… i was diagnosed when i came back from xxxxxx dehydrated & mal nurished i had enlarged liver because of this & my mind was in no way altered like his was in the video… i honestly believe hes closet gay & its that secret thats eating him up & i truly fear for his life… mental or drugs whatever mixed with that kind of inner turmoil is a recipe for suicide or other harmful behavior.’ 

And our source goes on to say the following:

Jason CAN’T be gay as he was raised by parents who ran a Christian theater group and has spoken before Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University (see you tube link below) along with Alex Harris who along with his twin brother Brett supposedly convinced Chuck Norris to become a big Mike Huckabee supporter in the 2008 Republican primaries. BTW, Harris attends Patrick Henry College, a relatively new “christian” college whose main purpose is for training the christian right to take over our government, helping the USA to become an evangelical theocracy.

Invisible Children works with such anti-gay groups as National Christian Foundation, Focus on the Family, and American Research Council. The Fellowship Foundation works in conjunction with the fundamentalist shadow organization known as “The Fellowship AKA The Family” lists as members, political lawmakers like Senators Inhofe, DeMint, Coburn, Ensign, Grassley, Thurmond, etc. The Family has largely pushed Christian Ugandan lawmakers to propose a “kill the gays” bill, which would make homosexuality punishable by death.

Rachel Maddow has revealed this group on several of her programs. They also helped direct millions in US aid to Uganda from family planning and contraception to an “abstinence only” program. Jason Russell’s family says he doesn’t use drugs or alcohol so he evidently flipped out. In the video Jason says when he was 16 he wanted to “kill himself” (19 minutes in). Was he gay then and hated himself? Most disturbing in the video below is that Jason admits that Invisible Children is thought of as a NON-profit but it is a BUSINESS (4:48 minutes), so what is it???!

My GAYDAR has been pretty accurate over the years and Jason flipping his wrists about makes my needle blip. Plus KONY has to be bad as he was CATHOLIC! (10:33) 🙄
theres video here where he says outright IC is a business.. and liberty U is so fucking right wing anti gay its disgusting!

safe_image.php.gifMe: So he’s closet gay then? I’m not going to disclose your identity you know that- top secret.

Source: yep & ether mental disorder or was on something… in all honesty if he came out i would totally back him up & if he came out about having a chemical imbalance i would as well… as it would save lives…but so far his camp has said hes rehydrating & better. In addition said board member & IC are under IRS investigation dating back 2005… & yes PLEASE DONT USE MY NAME OR ORG… they are the mafia version of not for profit.

(continues our source)

you know part of my venom on right wing anti gay, I have never been anti LGBT but these people make me SICK & sadly i think hes making himself sick in denial & for that i do hope he gets better & has the courage to come out or at MINIMUM not take money from anti gay groups

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  1. you FLITZ wish he was gay…my GAYdar was blipping for this guy, but i’m sure his wife can handle any of his neo-hetero cravings. score one for the home team.

  2. eh…

    He’s saying because he’s acting like an idiot. Doesn’t mean he’s gay… Doesn’t say he is or not…. He’s saying don’t assume…

    Like me saying, I don’t think your a Vice President of a large Corp.

    And Yogis isn’t saying anything bad. So don’t assume he’s a homophobic person…

    You just make yourself look like an idiot. Your a typical heterophobic person.

  3. Yogis_bug

    just because he acts like an idiot does not mean hes gay that is really horrible of you guys to just asume you need to get the facts about things like this before assuming

    Reply to Yogis.

    What a stupid comment. Being gay does not make you an idiot. My b/f is a Doctor and I am Vice President of a large Corporation. You Yogis are a typical homophobic person. Anyone who is listening to this video, you do not even need to be watching his mannerisms. It is obvious that he is gay. I would bet my life on that. More than gay, he is a flaming queen. I feel sorry for him and I do hope that he can come to terms with who he is. This is why he has had this mental breakdown.

  4. Yeah, I’m sorry, but as soon as I saw his mannerisms and heard him speak…..the bells were going off like car alarms!!!!!

  5. He’s gay…. All the wayyyyyy… I agree that is a lot of pressure to be under. When I was young I went through similar pressure and had emotional break down. But.. the pressure was nothing like Jason has been facing. With all our progress it is sad to know there are still people having to hide. Hope he finds his way eventually. He will be much happier.

  6. Being closeted doesn’t lead people to do this. This was a complete and total mental breakdown. Dude’s got a serious mental illness going on.

  7. Um ….. so he wanted to produce musicals like Moulin Rougue (around 10 min into the clip) and he grew up in a wildly anti-gay atmosphere ……um … sure, he’s not gay. I don’t like that it’s a totally unsourced article but the video is pretty damning. I love gay people BTW and have good gay friends. I feel badly for closeted gay people but there is nothing worse than a closeted gay who participates in anti-gay activities and there is also no type of person more on a collision course with mental disaster – living a life outwardly hating the person you are inside.

  8. “You can’t judge anyone by their mannerisms”? Wrong. The recognition of body language is scientifically proven to be a lightning-quick judgment tool used by all of us, from telling someone’s emotion to whether they are lying. Gay people are attuned to a whole series of tells that a person is gay (straight people are not mainly because they never have to think about it). I can not provide 100% evidence he’s gay, but there are a couple of arm waves and hand flips here that would tilt the odds at over 50%.

    That said, the whole story seems more sad than anything…. more evidence that religious repression is so damaging psychologically. Americans are finding what the Victorians did when it comes to sexuality… you can stamp down the lid as hard as you want, it only makes the steam pressure greater.

  9. “his poor son and wife will pay the price” — in every case of a closet Christian I’ve seen, the wife is at best an enabler, but usually using the husband (often as a non-sexual best friend). The wife is almost always either in the know, or part of the problem.

  10. This has got to be one of the most mind-numbingly stupid generalizations people spread on the net…

  11. He has orchestrated a tax fraud that he is worried he will go to prison for. They do not charge sales tax for selling the shirts because they claim it is a gift with your donation. But they set the price, so its not a donation. An employee told me of arguements he heard with Jay Woodcock (the former CFO) over issues with the tax evasion and Jay was concerned about going to prison over this issue and since he just had a baby he wanted to play it safe. So Jay quit.

  12. And to add, understand that his parents’ creepy fun-house theater comprises his whole social/support network. That bff he calls his wife, all his friends, etc are all cultish and anti-gay. Friends of friends all tell me people in his family have had problems with meth, as a shining example of why our hometown was once voted meth capital of the world by whom I’m not sure. Our consensus on why this happened is obvious: he’s a gay tweaker. Meth exaggerates behavior so any gay tendencies tend to come out, so to speak. BTW I don’t hate gays or Christians just liars and phonies.

  13. Basically, a guy thinks he’s gay. That’s a pretty spurious thing to base an article on. What kind of “inner circle” are we talking about? And the guy doesn’t really even seem all that convinced. Weak.

  14. I think there’s a happy medium here: there are some mannerisms common to gay men, but one must never assume they hold *universally* true. There are tons of feminine straight men and masculine gay men in the world. Studies show gay men to have brain structures more closely resembling straight women, so this might be partially why gender nonconformist behavior is more common in gay men.

    The sad thing about this is–if Jason Russell ever admits he is gay–the anti-gay bigots in the country will try to say this episode is evidence of gay people being mentally unstable, when the reality is that gay people would be perfectly happy if they didn’t live each day in a homophobic environment where the systemic oppression of LGBT people was the status quo. Jason Russell’s upbringing and his involvement in virulently anti-gay ministries is responsible for where he is today. No man is an island. Those in his social circle and the broader community he inhabits (i.e. the United States, the Church, etc.) all have a hand in his psychological illness.

  15. Notice the gay joke they make at about 5:18. “So I’m in the middle, you can be the bread.” “You guys are the bread and I’m the jelly.” “I think we ought to just move on from that.” Stange that straight guys would make a joke like that, in those lisping high voices.

  16. I think his freakout can be tied to the publication of his desire to add nine more kids to his brood of two. That would mean he’d have to have sex (with a woman) at least nine more times. Think of the pressure! I mean, it must’ve been hell getting it up those first two times, but nine more!? That poor, poor homosexual.

  17. why dont u watch the entire video before jumping to conclusions? Right after he said jacob wanted to kill himself he (jason) said he could relate because when he was 16 he too wanted to kill himself because he didnt fit in in highschool!

  18. just because he acts like an idiot does not mean hes gay that is really horrible of you guys to just asume you need to get the facts about things like this before assuming

  19. I went to high school with Jason in a redneck suburb of San Diego and was a brief member of his parent’s Christian Youth Theater, a breeding ground for closet gays. Everyone remembers the most flaming guy from high school. That was Jason. When he ran for student body president his slogan was “hustle, hustle, vote for Russell.” Enough said?

  20. I thought the EXACT same thing- I watched the Kony video about 2 weeks ago for the first time and immediately after googled “Jason Russell gay” and nothing popped up- but did it again today after watching his naked drag act on tmz, and the results are quiiiiiiite different lol poor guy

  21. Scallywag, I have some email threads on the subject of their funding with an IC “supporter” that soon deleted his profile and all comments from an article. It seems that they are not prepared for the questions of their funding and affiliate organisations.

    I think it is pretty obvious that this is a repressed gay man who has suddenly been confronted with a lot of questions, luckily he is attempting to deal with the issue. How the PR/spin plays out of the next few days is key.

    Lets just remember that we have 32 high profile people supporting this campaign along with President Obama, would they not have checked for the real agenda behind this video before putting their names to it? A known anti-gay linked charity pushing for action in a country the US just sent 100 troops to, who are effectively going to supporting a Government that wants to push through the death penalty for homosexual behaviour.

    I haven’t seen the Maddow reports so I will have a look for them.

    Oh, btw, in the video above it is Jacob who mentions killing himself, not Jason Russell, might be worth amending that for clarity.

  22. you are so true. as soon as I heard him speak in the movie. I was like “he is married and have a son?” you got to be kidding me!

  23. Most really religious males are gay. They hide behind all the religious BS for their reason not getting married or having a sexual relationship with a female.

  24. 1. His vid is only being promoted 6 years after rough cut because of Uganda’s newly found oil. 2. He aligns himself w/anti-gay movements to fight his homosexuality
    3. His mannerisms hinted gay in interviews. This solidifies it
    4. Thanks to his Christian upbringing, he’s going crazy hiding his homo
    5. …and his poor son and wife will pay the price.
    …but his wife would have to be in denial not to see this flamer for what he is.

  25. If you knew a lot of gay people like I know them as friends, co workers etc, you would realize that gaydar works very well

    it involves mannerisms, dress, hairstyle, word useage, voice etc etc.

    the interesting thing about gay people – so many women tell me this about the gay men – the women cry that the most handsome guys are all gay.

    Not all IMO, but surprising a lot. Maybe God made it that way so they would be accepted by at least their peers and most women.

    BTW virtaully all good women / girls love gay guys. Because the gays love the women for who they are, not what pleasures they might get out of them in bed.

    I dont thing stranded you are a bad person – you just dont understand.

  26. His Xtian parents should have had all their children taken away from them before they created more haters and self haters.

    BTW re Huckabee – at a conference called renewing God in America in TN later last year the Huckster said “we’ve got to get them to pray – at the point of a gun if necessary”

    Shows you the south – much of it is still fighting the civil war , this time the gays are the enemies ,a s well as their worst night mare come true – a balck president

    BTW teh comment about the point of a Gun……. Thats actually originated with Mao Tse Tsung, who said “political power comes out of the barrel of a gun”

    Shows you what kind of nutcases run much of the south.

  27. I don’t like the guy and what he’s done with that Kony documentary but I’m annoyed by anyone who says they have a “gaydar”. You can’t judge anyone by their mannerisms or dare to assume how they feel inside. That chat transcript is only based on assumptions and whoever the source was, is only talking out of his/her ass.

  28. yep..hate to admit it but its true…he talks, walks, acts like a gay guy here.
    and when youre guard is down and this is what you do…it means this is whats been hiding inside.

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