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New Lindsay Lohan photo shoot: cleavage, nipples and wanton lust.

'I am the eternal hawt bixch....'

My hero Lilo arrives to NYC with a new poodle coat and what appears to be a pronounced double chin.

Kids, just in time for NY Fashion week our collective prima donna has now turned up all but practically naked (yes again bixches) in a new photo shoot courtesy of incorrigible bad boy Terry Richardson. The picture series simply titled ‘Terry Richardson’s diary’  taken at Chateau Marmont were Lohan took recent residence is an eyesore.

May we suggest a box of tissues, your secretary take all your phone calls for the remainder of the day and slip into the fantasy that Lilo always had in mind for you. Hawt bixch.

Here are a few select images of the nymph in heat otherwise known as our collective numero uno media whore Lohan.

'Hmm, one day whilst sashaying in the lobby Terry Richardson, famed scumbag approached me....'
'Raising to my face Liz Taylor's book 'Furious love,' he turned and said- "Lilo isn't time you finally became the wanton hawt bixch that you really are?'
'At first shocked, confused, reticent. I demurred but then something took a hold of me....'
'I glided against the window pane and just like that began to push aside all my inhibitions. Terry's camera the hungry throbbing thing that tugged at me...'
'And then the camera started clicking and my heart started pounding....'
'Each click sending me shuddering to the depth of my bossom...'
'The thought of all my fans quivering alongside me too much to bear...'
'My vision forever changed, muddied by your copulation...'
'Anointed and resurrected by the one hawt bixch who could truly understand me...'
'Himself his own very own media whore, willing to on one lazy afternoon share his shutter bug with this hawt bixch called Lilo...'



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    Where’s the Marilyn kabuki mask?