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Who’s in the mood for donkey semen? That’s what the Fear Factor is now offering its contestants…


How bad could a glass of donkey semen followed by a chase of donkey urine really be for you? Then again how much does $50 000 mean to you?

It looks like ‘Fear Factor’ has upped the ante with Monday’s upcoming episode where contestants will be asked to drink the unimaginable, and every drop of it in order to pass to the next round. The show predicated on the gory and tactless commands a large viewership, mostly because viewers can never get enough of watching who has enough courage to consume or do the unimaginable (one contestant was a few years back made to eat wallabies testicles. Hmm, tre delicious kids).

Of course who’s not happy about Monday’s upcoming episode is the American Donkey & Mule Society (yes they actually exist) who publicly condoned the use of the animals in such a manner.” Adding  “We feel this is a negative event and was not well thought out by the producers.”

Maybe so, but then again be thankful the producers didn’t come up with the idea for donkey testicles.

And perhaps one of the more vile remarks this author has come across is the following; ” I don’t get it, there are a lot of women and men for that matter who have no problem downing human semen, so what’s the difference now that it’s going to be donkey semen?”

Aren’t you glad you would never stoop so low for a batch of money unless of course the semen or the money is too irresistable to pass up….

So which one are you a swallower or a spitter?


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  • Thomas

    I would enjoy drinking them both. Would do the semen if I had a choice.