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How Mitt Romney suddenly became the preferred con man of the Illuminati.


EXPERIENCE: Vulture Capitalist

Romney’s vaunted private sector business experience, including his serving as CEO of Bain & Company is the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign to lend credibility and standing to his seeking the highest office in the land.  Romney claims he is not a life time politician but he has been running for office since the early 1990’s, in Massachusetts as well as at the national level. Romney was elected (barely) to one full term as Governor of Massachusetts.  He did seek a second term. Establish Mitt, the appointed/anointed vessel for America’s 1% to best suppress the legitimate interests of the 99%, is  running for President now for the second time.  RNC establishment and the Wall Street and media Illuminati are firmly in his corner. Political Chaos in the 2012 Iowa Caucus which ultimately may have derailed the Romney campaign and curious circumstances surrounding the results suggest black ops (i.e., “fraud”) to guarantee Romney’s Pyrrhic Victory: 8 Vote Win over surging Rick Santorum, who like Rocky Balboa stood toe to toe with the Republi-Con Robot while spending a few thousands dollars to Romney and his surrogates multi-millions.  Most recently, the leading paper published in the state that Romney once governed, The Boston Globe endorsed his rival,  John Huntsman in the New Hampshire Republican Primary instead. You would think he would be a local favorite. That would never have happened to William Weld, the Republican beloved by even many Democrats in the Commonwealth.

The Dark Side of Mitt Romney cannot and should not be overlooked by anyone who cares about the future of America. Examine the legacy of this Financial Con Artist and what you will find is truly disturbing, a man who is of, by and for the 1% Economy. In terms of vaunted business experience at Bain & Company, the Global Management Consulting firm, Romney’s role was more akin to that of a vulture capitalist not venture capitalist. So what’s the difference? Romney did not make or build his reputation as a “venture capitalist” financing emerging companies along the high tech corridors of Route 128 or Silicon Valley, taking a small stake and watching them blossom and grow, then taking a seat on their Board. Romney was not a builder who planted seeds, but rather a predator who targeted vulnerable companies in the manufacturing sector, took them over and and feasted on them the way a vulture would on a rotting carcass.

Romney and his team of slick suits operating in a ‘House of Lies’ in Beantown strip mined and raped going concerns, preyed off their income stream for a period of time with obscene management consulting fees until the entities were effectively bankrupt, fed on the remains of their pension funds and then packaged them for resale in their entirety or sold their assets off piece by piece like spare parts while leaving stockholders and creditors naked with their proverbial Johnson in their hands and workers on the street, before moving on for the next kill.  Looting the spirit of American Enterprise, sending jobs overseas, destroying communities and being a spokes person for this process of deindustrialization is hardly the character of a builder, much less a President.  This is not the resume of a job creator or what America is all about.  America does not need a Leveraged Buyout King, a vulture capitalist, unscrupulous CEO or financial con-man who will sell America off for spare parts.  It would be a grave error to equate Romney’s predatory vulture capitalist scams with the deliberate and thoughtful work of venture capitalists like Mark Andreesen, who will often nurture a company for years before making a profit. As Investopedia says, “Like them or not, many vulture capitalists make more money than the venture capitalists do.” Romney got paid a lot but he did not do much “building”.

It is grotesque and revolting to consider that fresh on the heels of America’s financial crisis brought upon us largely by the morality of folks like Mitt Romney, that any of our citizens will even contemplate putting a charlatan like him in the White House

VALUES & CHARACTER:  Not Like Reagan, more like Madoff.

Romney as well as some of his overly enthusiastic establishment Republican surrogates have attempted to cast their proxy candidate, the Republi-CON Robot as the second coming of Ronald Reagan and continue to spin the inevitability myth about his candidacy.  Whereas Reagan was steadfast guided by principle, Romney LIES and changes his positions on a dime with a proficiency and shamelessness literally unrivaled in the history of American politics. As a result, Romney is broadly considered, even by many members of his own party as the most transparent phony, much like the founder of his LDS Cult – con-artistJoseph Smith.  Romney is widely seen as a hollow man with no core principles or values;  motivated solely by political expediency. He has been labeled everything from Multiple Choice Mitt to a ‘Political Chameleon’pathological LIAR and shape-shifter. Yet he remains the choice of the Republican establishment.

When you begin to deconstruct the man, you will find that Mitt Romney is a rather hollow man who has many of the attributes of acon-man and since he has been a leader (a “High Priest”) in what amounts to a “Spiritual Ponzi scheme’, he may thus in effect be considered more akin to the Republican Bernie Madoff than the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Or stated otherwise,“The flipper is no Gipper” despite the best efforts the Republican establishment to cast him that way; his endorsement by Insane McCain who himself did an about face on Romney not withstanding. Reagan never held a leadership position nor was he a member of any mind controlling cult which required former adherents to enter into aTwelve Step Recovery Program to recover from the oppressivemind control of said “faith”.

This 21st Century Con-man and LDS Cult High Priest is thus a chip off the old block of the 19th Century Con-manconvicted fraudster, and murdering polygamist pedophile known as Joseph Smith who founded Romney’s Utah based Mormon Cult.  Romney’s financial, spiritual and political morality emanate from the same hollow place. He is a man without a moral compass or center and thus ultimately the most dangerous kind of individual for Americans of any party to seriously consider to be their President.  A Mormon in the White House? No thanks. One’s vote might be better cast for an individual whose positions you do not agree with entirely, who is capable of reason and is an otherwise principled man. If Romney’s slide in the polls on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary is any indicator, perhaps their is some resistance to the Republican establishment’sselection of Romney as the ‘Inevitable Nominee’.  Hence while I have principled disagreements with all of the Republican Presidential candidates, whether that be Newt GingrichRick SantorumJohn Huntsman or a man with more integrity than most in Ron Paul,  I do not see any of them as similarly barren of soul and think any one of them would be a better selection than Romney. The body of Romney’s life work proves that he cares about only one thing, Mitt Romney.


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