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How a former basket ball star at 7ft tall became the world’s tallest transsexual.


According to 25 year old Greg Walker, (now Lindsey Walker) a 7 ft basketball star who has recently undergone a sex change to effectively become the world’s tallest transsexual he always felt different from other guys. As a star basketball player he always had women throwing themselves at him but rather than lusting after them he simply wanted to befriend them and understand what made them tick. Perhaps as a clue as to what was making him tick, even if he hadn’t completely understood by then what was making him tick.

By the time he reached his 20’s he felt he was unable to continue the ‘charade,’ as he likes to call it and began wearing women’s clothes- because frankly he felt more like a woman. From there he sought medical advice and began taking oestrogen to become more feminine to now boast a curvy feminine figure and a size 38B bra.

Having lived as a woman now for 2 years and now legally recognized as one, Greg Walker who now goes by the name Lindsey Walker is adamant she made the right decision to change her gender and assert the identity she always felt she had. Part of her courage comes from the support her parents have shown her in Lindsey’s belief that despite the gender she was born into, psychologically and emotionally as well as sexually she was always a woman. Come 2013 Lindsey Walker hopes to have saved enough money to complete full gender reassignment surgery.

All of which raises the ultimate question, is one’s identity contingent on our born gender or the state of mind we prefer to inhabit and the fact that ultimately an individual who has the conviction of their beliefs will be able to navigate those very personal decisions any which way they see fit….




  1. It’s not really a question. We know that gender is not contingent upon sex, however often they correlate. Lindsay demonstrates this perfectly. The problem is getting people to accept the answer.

  2. Hi! You should really think about amending the pronoun use in your article. While I know AP guidelines haven’t quite caught up to it yet, most lgbt organizations say that retroactive pronoun use is the most respectful/correct when referring to trans persons.

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