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Hawt bixch: Woman calls cops to complain dealer sold her sugar instead of crack cocaine.

Hawt bixch...

Frying your brain just took a turn for the sweeter…

Kids could you imagine the frustration Suzanne Basham must have felt when she was loading up her pipe to take that dynamite hit only to find it was strangely on the sweet side. Sweet because she was sold sugar. That’s when this crack ho came up with the brilliant idea of calling cops- cause after all no one likes being ripped off and of course being denied their high.

When the cops finally came Suzanne demanded that cops go to the dealer’s apartment and arrest him. You think?

Unfortunately for Suzanne, cops weren’t particularly sympathetic (the nerve right?) and instead booked her for being off her rocker, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ain’t life a bixch?! Oh well, at least Suzanne got a sugar rush…


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