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Father watches helplessly as crocodile eats his ten year old daughter in front of him.


A father who went hunting with his son and daughter for turtles in the province of East Nusatenggara, Indonesia had the gross misfortune of watching one of his own flock become the hunted, as a giant saltwater crocodile suddenly appeared and dragged his ten year old daughter away into the mire. She was wading in only half a meter of water when suddenly the crocodile began devouring her there in front of him and his younger son’s very eyes.

Responded the father Victor Mado Waton who must have known of the dangers of the territory, as not even a month ago there was another lethal attack; “We could only watch helplessly.” There are an average of 2 fatalities a year in the East Nusatenggara province.

As is often reported crocodiles and even sharks and other such predators of the wild, do from time to time attack and kill people, but that is to be sure the off chance as such incidents in all practicality are rare indeed and usually worth taking a sensible chance as one encroaches responsibly on nature.

Authorities descending on to the scene later were only able to discover a dress and a hair ribbon in the sand. It is unlikely her body will ever be found.


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