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Socialite is spared jail despite her involvement in illicit sex and drugs scandal


Mary Gorman, a British socialite and the 43 year old wife of self made multi millionaire Chris Gorman and mother of four might just be calling herself lucky despite the punishment Florida courts have exacted on her pursuant to one evening’s over the top behavior (but quite ordinary for Mary) that saw her being cited for performing a sex act on a black man in a public environment (a bathroom stall at a Florida nightclub to be exact) and the subsequent discovery of crack cocaine and a crack pipe drug paraphernalia (why not go all the way?) after being cited by an undercover police officer who also endured a nasty beating at the hands of the demure Mary Gorman.

The assault charges alone would have netted our party hero 11 years but in exchange for a plea deal that would see the our collective party dilettante randomly drug tested (yes I know the world is unfair) Mrs Gorman has agreed to 100 hours of community service to ensure her freedom. As part of her community service the high living socialite can expect to acclimate herself to picking up litter, cleaning out drug rehab facilities as well cleaning toilets. The caveat of course being should Mrs Gorman test dirty for random drug tests she can expect to be immediately hauled into jail.

Mary and Chris Gorman

But perhaps the best part for Mrs Gorman and her husband is that they have been spared having to appear in court in February where it is assumed the press would have had a field day at the Gorman’s expense (not that we are not having a field day this evening).

One day sometime in the future when Mary Gorman is gingerly flicking her blonde mane in front of a mirror in a public restroom  she will suddenly have the urge to dig deep into her purse and grab a device from which she would ideally like to put against her lips whilst navigating the manhood of someone other than her husband but thinking better of it she will resist the urge, preferring instead to replay the events of one recent evening at a family themed establishment….




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