Home Scandal and Gossip Lindsay Lohan’s only unairbrushed Playboy shot released.

Lindsay Lohan’s only unairbrushed Playboy shot released.


Please Lindsay Lohan what’s up with the double chin lately?

Kids, what is about manufactured stardom that keeps luring us back to the tawdry, predictable, the finagled and the manipulated and let us not forget the regurgitated? Really what was Playboy magazine thinking when they decided to dole up their idol Lindsay Lohan as a Marilyn Monroe look alike? Isn’t that all so passe? Haven’t we seen it all before, and what is really worth the $1 million investment?

Either way here’s one photo that’s been released that shows our hero Lindsay Lohan looking unflattering and yes tawdry prior to donning all to the photographer. But really why did she really have to bother, it was all going to end up being retouched anyway. Which begs the question, what matters these days, the name and sex appeal of an image or the actual image? My hunch is the former.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy entire photo spread leaked on line. Bye bye one million dollars.