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Anonymous representative Barrett Brown declares that they will either win or go to jail as Anonymous is now poised for further incriminating releases. But is it just a ruse?


Barrett Brown is having the time of his life.

Anonymous who recently infiltrated security think tanks files over the Christmas weekend have gone on the offensive by stating that they are now poised to release 2.7 emails.

To date the group has posted more than 30 000 credit card numbers online with pledges to donate up to $1 million to charities (how this will work remains to be seen as perpetrated card holders will seek revocation of said donations) but now in a bid to up the ante and to draw attention to what they perceive to be the calculated inequities of a social/economic system Barrett Brown, designated Anonymous spokesperson and one wonders his own anti hero has reiterated that they will soon be releasing incriminating and embarrassing email of Stratfor’s client base.

theaustralian.com.au: “We’re in a state of conflict with the Government. Either we are going to jail or we’re going to win.”

He added: “I don’t know how many people Stratfor talks to a day but there’s a large possibility that these emails will provide the smoking gun for a number of crimes of extraordinary importance.”

Mr Brown then goes on to say that Anonymous has authorized him (how one wonders when the group is suppose to be secret?) to reach out to Stratfor to redact the emails in question but then goes on to posit that irrespective of what Stratfor acquiescese to (one also wonders what Stratfor will be asked to give up if Anonymous agrees to redact the emails) hackers may still seek to release emails irrespectively.

What one also has to bear in mind is the fact that Mr Brown is the same individual that recently was offered a $100 000 cash advance on behalf of Amazon to write about the journey of the hacker group (the same corporate that Anonymous once had in their sights). The advance brought at the time a lot of hostility towards Mr Brown who was seen as a sell out and now equally as complicit as the corporate and government entities they seek to expose. Which forces the question is Mr Brown conspiring on some level to create a media storm to affect the value of his own stock and to use the media the same way as a B grade actor uses it to toot their newest B grade film. Or perhaps it’s a legitimate deign of action meant to force Stratfor’s hand?

Either way it seems now that Anonymous have gone and run off with the information that they purport to have in their hands it’s in their best interest to release said information and risk going to jail should they get caught, for to do nothing at this stage would nullify their activities and claimed aspirations.

Either way Mr Brown has ensured his own rising star and as one writer who actually got to spend  considerable time with Mr Brown (the experience was too memorable in a quiet a sad way, oh well…) this might be the payback you talked about all these years Mr Brown or perhaps just a sly way to get the next book deal….

Anonymous hacks thousands of credit card numbers from security firm and cyphers money to charity.

Face of hacking group that forced cartel and corporate’s hand gets a six figure book deal from outlet it once vowed to destroy.

Barrett Brown doesn’t want you to buy his book.



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