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Patrina Morris: The heady rise of a Romantic.


PM: NYC is my old home….. I lived there on and off for 3 years while modeling and I have always loved it ….so it was a pleasure to be able to go back again.

The trip was really to finally meet some of the people who have been helping me with my career, it’s strange to speak to someone on the internet every week for 2 years and put your faith and trust in them without ever meeting them face to face… I had a wonderful time and even managed to venture upstate which I thought was beautiful!!!

SCV: How did the song ‘complicated’ that we see you on your video come about? How about the video? I understand it was all shot in Myanmar? How did that all come about?

PM: “Complicated” was one of the first songs I wrote here and is loosely based on myself …. I put it  on my myspace page and was surprised by the compliments and comments I started receiving so I put it on to my first EP “Stories I never told You” 

I was told that I needed to try and make a video to help move things along, but I didn’t really know how I was going to do it …

So , my friend Alan Beukers, the photographer who took all the pictures for my myspace, cd’s, website,etc said why didn’t I join him on a trip to Myanmar he was planning to work on an existing project. As he had already made a few trips to the country he thought he knew the perfect spot….and had a feeling that ‘Complicated’ would be the perfect song! 

So, off we went just the two of us with his little video camera…..making it up as we went along… but I had a wonderful time discovering the country and making the video… it’s a wonderfully spectacular and timeless, place …and the people were so kind …

 I think he did a really beautiful job and most people seem to think that his images of me, perfectly compliment my music. ….  so it’s really “Thanks” to him for his patience and belief that a video was finally made!

SCV: Finish this sentence; If Lady Gaga approached you and said she wanted you to join her for a duet for a world wide release you would respond how to her?

PM: “Fantasticooooo, let’s go girl!!!!”

SCV: What is it about kittens and lost souls that appeal to you?

PM: Kittens…..Puppies…….People……..we’re all the same really … I guess it’s in the heart, I love and feel too much sometimes……can’t help it… , they don’t have a choice and I feel happy knowing I have changed their “lives” or “moments in their lives” forever,…… same with people…. they give to me as much as I give to them.

SCV: Your lyrics betray bitter sweet and longing. Is this you talking from experience and are you the one who breaks hearts or has had their heart broken?

PM: Probably , all of the above but predominantly, that I have been “heartbroken” and understand and know what that feels like …. we all have dreams and aspirations while growing up … but.life seldom turns out how you think , especially romantically!

SCV: Who are some of your biggest influencers and inspirations?:

PM: Gandhi !

Musically ……..too many to mention but high on the list “The Carpenters”, Gil scott Heron, America, Ellis Regina…..

SCV:  Many artists have a very public image whilst a very different private sensibility. How would you go about describing the way you portray yourself in your music and in public as opposed to you gallivanting in your country house in Portugal?

PM: I’m not so sure I would call it ‘ gallivanting’  …..but perhaps musically, one imagines something a little more glamorous than it is .  To be honest I spend most of my day here in an apron and wellington boots with my “furries” and the household chores ….but , that’s only natural…..it’s a farmhouse , not a ” countryhouse’,

I exist as anyone would……only, I have my songs and my dreams…..






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