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Courtney Stodden is the world’s preferred hot bitch.

'Remember the secret to a happy life is lots of black coffee and a tight pair of hot pants!'
'Oh my! When did all these paparazzi turn up?'- Images source-dailymail.co.uk

Just 17 years old and already on her way to celebrity whoredom…

Kids it’s time to take a good long look at our collective hawt bixch Courtney Stodden. Why? Because the aspiring goddess of media whoredom dared face daybreak without her mud rack of copious make up. And then of course there was the itty bitty hot pants and high heels to contend with as well…

This after all is Courtney living the way she knows best. Sending smoke signals before she wakes up to all the hungry paparazzi that in about 3 hours after she finishes dreaming of winning the Oscars for best Media Whore she will be casually sauntering in her most revealing bustier top and peroxide mane in search of the holy grail a decent cup of black coffee. But don’t mind Courtney- it’s just another day at the office…

'Yes it's true. I find black coffee always tastes better when I'm in my itty bitty hot-pants.'

Courtney famous for marrying for fame and money aged rock crooner, Doug Hutchinson, the pair are hustling to get themselves an all paid existence as reality stars but for some reason or another no Hollywood executive has taken the bait, which forces the question- what’s wrong with pimping underage girls and their dimple heavy rocker boyfriends across the screens of America?

One day when Courtney is standing in front of some vast billboard poster of herself air kissing the universe she will momentarily ponder to herself if only she had the foresight to marry an aging rocker when she was 14 before giddily turning to explain to some hungry reporter how she manages to keep her hot pants so short…

Don’t you wish you were just as incredible as Courtney?


The world can’t stop smiling now that 51 year old Doug Hutchinson marries his 16 year old cherub Courtney Alexis Stodden.

'Is it obvious that I am wearing fake tan or is that just my insecurity playing up?'
'Remember the secret to a happy life is lots of black coffee and a tight pair of hot pants!'