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The Art of Occupy Wall Street


A steady stream of tourists flood the exhibition, located at the most popular sightseeing point in Lower Manhattan. The tourists take the mandatory picture of cops on horses in front of the stock exchange, then they get into the exhibition. Most of them are completely unaware of the movement or the political implications of the show. They seem to enjoy the art, though.

The show itself consists of paintings, live installations, videos, sculptures and a shop that prints the #occupywallst T-shirts. You might get one for free, but John suggests you donate something in return. It doesn’t have to be money, it can be anything you feel like. That’s how revolutionaries think!

Most of the art is very clever and inspiring, and all of it comes with a message, for you to figure out.

The rest of the building is an enormous construction site. In the back room, a giant two-storeys open space, a paramedic is giving a lecture to a large crowd, on how to be prepared to exercise your constitutional rights. In this case, he is explaining how to medicate a protester who’s been pepper-sprayed by the cops. Funny story here. They said it’s a free country, but every time you speak up, you either get tased, or maced, or worse – you go to jail. Unless, of course, you are holding a Tea Party sign…

Occupation Wall St: Week 4. What they don’t want you to find out…

Finally America begins to revolt against the moneyed classes. But will the rebellion actually lead to any changes?

Occupy Wall St- Rebel with a cause; suddenly youth who don’t care about celebrity and fame, but will this consciousness have legs?

What do you think of this picture? Occupy wall st or bust? Day eleven…

In search of a revolution. The shifting tides of democracy.

So you say you want a Revolution…



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