Home Nightlife Societys Choice and Flawless Foundation bring on Halloween regalia.

Societys Choice and Flawless Foundation bring on Halloween regalia.

Maggie Delany far left
Janine Francolini center and Dr Shireen Fernandez to the right.

Friday night saw this scoundrel partying alongside the fun crew of Societys Choice (as founded by Scallywag’s dear friends Alex Harris and Dr Shireen Fernandez) and the lovely Janine Francolini of Flawless Foundation.

Hosted at Hiro, we were dancing and preening to the amazing music of the Kitty, Aera and the Subscribers ( a rock band made up of Wall st bankers by day and pop stars by night, who could imagine?). The only catch being this time most guests were dressed in Hollywood regalia, with some admittedly fun outfits (who was the man dressed like a doctor slapping vixen Dr Shireen Fernandez with his stethoscope, never mind, I think she was enjoying it immensely).

On an important note, Janine Francoli‘s foundation which Societys Choice had come to support that evening exists to facilitate better understanding of mental disorders that afflicts so many young people (there are over 12 million children with behavioral challenges in this country — and 1 in 5 children will have a psychiatric diagnosis by the age of 18).

Dr Shireen Fernandez


In operation for 4 years now, Ms Francoli reflected the foundation serves a vacuum in mental health care that is sorely lacking in even the upper levels of health care- with the foundation offering access to therapists, facilities and a rehabilitation of those individual’s afflicted with an illness that can be brought on by anything from genetics, the environment and bad experiences.

As the attendees danced on (who knew certain Englishmen could put the moves on?) the camera went into overdrive as did the festivities as I couldn’t get the magic song ‘Forget you,’ out of my mind. It was to be sure an evening none of would be forgetting anytime too soon. Congrats kids and congratulations Dr Shireen for a slapping stunning performance…oh dear.

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Scallywag finally meets Society Choice.

Fireworks with Society Choice new friends Maggie and Hubert’s 4th

Society’s Choice presents an initiative for National Wildlife- ‘Nature’s Night.’

Society’s Choice pulls off a kindred Nature’s Night 2.

Dr Shireen Fernandez and Alex Harris.
Doctor and nurse?


  1. What is Dr Shireen Fernandez a doctor of? I can’t find her listed in the AMA in NY, NJ or PA. Does she go by a different name? She’s doing great things but I’d like to know more about what she does as a physician. Can you help? Thanks!

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