Home Nightlife Society’s Choice pulls off a kindred Nature’s Night 2.

Society’s Choice pulls off a kindred Nature’s Night 2.


Photography by Fidel Amos. Sophia Kandelaki, Andres Aquino, Dr Shireen Fernandez.

NYC: This past Wednesday night, guests and acclaimed performers came together at the Gates to celebrate Natures Night 2, a vanguard effort by the kindred people who make up Society’s Choice in promoting awareness and much needed funds to the ravaged natural habitat down south as a consequence of the recent BP oil leak disaster.

Heralded by the charismatic Dr Shireen Fernandez and her partner Alex Harris (who must have ran 23 miles that night back and forth between greeting guests and accommodating performing artists, such are it seems the minor inconveniences of being a fearless fighter and a much adored benefactor…) the evening was a true delight. With a myriad of guests, performers, for a moment I believed myself to be back in one of those impromptu get together people have upon graduating high school, and at one stage I too found myself laughing and clapping my hands at the disco ladies on the dance floor who by now were in their own very special heaven…god bless Dianne Wesley.

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Soprano's Vinnie Vella to the left, Robeiro-Alonso Cañola Pimienta- far right.