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Supima Spring/Summer 2012 bringing it on home.


Lorena Cuevas offered a stunning collection of gowns each detailed ornately with gemstone-like designs. Each piece fit the model perfectly, as they would almost any woman. The cuts were extremely innovative considering her short amount of design experience. I found this collection to be the most cohesive, although I could have used a few different colors as each dress was a varying level of blue-grey. Regardless, the details and slight sparkle to each dress was absolutely beautiful. Cuevas most definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

Bringing it on home, both as the last designer and winner of the competition, Jusil Carrol most definitely deserved the award. I couldn’t believe her pieces were 100% cotton- much of it appeared to be leather! Bold shoulders and skillful draping with musted black and grey tones made the collection cohesive, yet each piece stood alone as a statement of strong femininity. I was blown away by the structured silhouettes and wondered, in the way couture is defined, exactly how many hours each piece had taken her. I look forward with much anticipation to what Carrol will do next!



  1. A fine piece of writing by hot, young, up-and-coming journalist. Combined with the talented photogropy of Mr. Wenrich, this article brough Fashion Week into my apartment, and I didn’t even have to dress up for the show. Fabulous!

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