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Supima Spring/Summer 2012 bringing it on home.

Photography by John Wenrich. Supima Spring/Summer 2012

The Supima design competition held yearly by Supima cotton brings new talent from prominent design schools to Mercedes Benz fashion week. Not only do all designers in the show receive a large amount of recognition, the winner gets $25,000 towards funding their dream. The talent was huge and the turnout for the show was great. Although I could tell some of it was student work, (many of the pieces I can imagine having been very beautiful drawings which were questionably executed), most items were surprisingly innovative.

Standout designer Maru Jung delivered frist with sky blue, beige and light forest green body-con frocks. Each featured a flattering silhouette and ornate details, giving the collection an aristocratic baroque feel. The attention to detail and intricate handwork could not be overlooked. However, I would have liked to see a different silhouette thrown into the mix; each dress had the same slim proportions. I thought she was going to take it all, but of course, one can’t judge based on the first contestant alone.

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  1. A fine piece of writing by hot, young, up-and-coming journalist. Combined with the talented photogropy of Mr. Wenrich, this article brough Fashion Week into my apartment, and I didn’t even have to dress up for the show. Fabulous!

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