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Father/son bonding: Tampa man carjacks couple while his son rapes the woman


Here is a nice Sunday story to illustrate the aphorism, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Tampa, FLA. A nice couple were riding in their BMS Sunday at 4:30AM when a couple of men came up, pulled out a pistol, and demanded some money.  The man in the car said they didn’t have any money, so Vincent Harrison pistol-whipped him and his son, Rekeith Brooks, pulled the woman out the car by her throat.  He shoved her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.  Then father and son told the couple to stay on the ground before driving off with the couple’s car with an iPad, cell phones, and other times.

The next morning, someone called the police to report a bullet going through their wall.  Police responded and knocked on the door of the adjoining apartment, where the woman inside said it was just her friend accidentally firing off a stray round, no big deal. Consenting to a search the woman then allowed the police in where they then came across an assortment of firearms (makes you wonder if the woman had any idea what was lying around unless of course she did before consenting to the search) the car keys to the BMW, the iPad, the phones, etc., etc..  Father and son, both with nice long previous records, are being held without bail.

So what do we take away from this tale?  Well, the relationship of the perpetrators is a real take-away.  Not everyday you hear of a stick-up and sexual assault by a father and son.  That must have been particularly disturbing for the victims to discern.  Then again, it must provide some relief as far as insight into the origins of people like this. Nature/nurture: who gives a damn?  It’s safe to say this was an unfit parent from the get-go, no?