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Drug mule busted with 72 capsules of coke in stomach.

Xrays of the apprehended man.
Xrays of the apprehended man.

How may capsules of cocaine can you swallow?

It’s time to hand one young Irish man an award for outstanding effort in trying to smuggle a crap load of coke, in their stomach of course.

According to authorities an as of yet unidentified 20 year old man (his initials have been released as P.B.B) was apprehended Monday at an airport in San Paulo, Brazil as he began to make his way to the departure gates. What of course tipped the authorities was the way the young man was nervously behaving (hmm, I wonder why?) prior to him getting on board his flight (who said you aren’t watched like a hawk?) bound for Brussels, Belgium.

When authorities took him in for screening he apparently confessed to having imbibed a total of 12 72 capsules of cocaine, which equates to approximately one kilo of the good stuff, with a street value of $200K. Which isn’t bad work if you can get it, but then again I’m willing to bet most of us don’t want this type of work (especially if you factor in the chance that if one of the capsules erupt in your stomach you can kiss it all goodbye- one of our associates had the uncanny experience of watching one man who later turned out to be a coke mule experience a seizure mid flight, the result of a ruptured capsule- needless to say the man died before the plan landed).

It is reported that the man was taken to a local hospital where the capsules were removed. So much for some career choices…


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  • Thoko Dlamini

    Drugs seem to be the order of the day.  Drug lords, mules, dealers, and users are not taking this issue seriously.  People tend to be sympathetic when severe punishment is awarded.  Janice was executed on Monday, there was an outcry.  What happens next; a young man is busted with 72 drugs in the stomach.  Another busted with Cock. on Dreads.  When is it going to stop?  Some people even suggested that Zuma did not do much to stop the execution.  Let us be realistic:  If Zuma could stop the execution.  Why can’t lords, dealers and the rest of the crew stop playing dirty?  No one person could work alone on this situation.  This matter is serious and should not be taken lightly.  I do agree with the idea that drug lords and drug dealers should receive a maximum punishment.  If the judicial system has proven beyond reasonale doubt that a person has committed this crime – I fully agree with execution.  The reason I support it is:  These criminals do not have conscious whatsoever.  IIf they are serving long sentences they would still influence others outside and continue killing innocent but stupid people.  How many people have died because of drugs.  Amy for instance a singer.  The world is still moarning a loss.

    DA makes big noise when it suits it –  just a show off, thats all.  This is more than corruption we are talking about;” LIVES”.  one of the things the government should do is: Firstly, to open a debate and collect people’s views.  Secondly liaise with other countries, find a way on how to deal with the situation – hence this is a global challenge.  South Africa has gone too soft on Criminals.   Why?