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Does hiding Utah bartenders from teens actually work to cut down underage drinking?


You can always count on Utah for some crackpot ideas related to drinking.  Recent Utah legislature has required bartenders to be hidden from view so as to not encourage teenage drinking (pay no attention to the man behind the wall, Sally!) so I guess if you go to bar in the two or three hours of the week when it’s legal to drink, you have to go to some sort of seedy backroom or order over a frosted partition.

Thing is, there’s no evidence to suggest this strategy of just pretending something doesn’t exist actually works, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.  Shame, since denial always does the trick for so many other things. Maybe not letting teenagers watch or read anything outside their own little world would solve the problem, god forbid allow them to attend any non-dry social function.

The half-baked initiative, the so-called ‘Zion curtain’ that takes its cue from Victorian repression, I gather, was the brainchild of Sen. John Valentine (such a pretty name for someone probably so cold and restrictive) is calling on glorious science to be the objective judge of whether or not the legislature works, petitioning for the state to fund a “truly independent and objective” study.

I do not pay taxes in Utah, but if I did, you better believe I would have a right mind to write a letter expressing my distaste for such a study.  It must be so trying to be a researcher, conducting these useless surveys to show what any sensible person would already know.  My heart goes out to anyone that might get involved in this farce.

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