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Autistic man who lied about his health has gone on to father up to 22 children through sperm donation.


One Dutch man said to be suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, a derivation of autism (which impairs one to use basic skills such as communication, imagination, and socializing skills) has wreaked havoc on countless families in the Netherlands pursuant to him failing to disclose his medical condition to women seeking sperm donors for artificial insemination.

It is said, over the course of 18 months, the man, whose name has yet to be disclosed volunteered over the internet to supply his sperm to women desperate to conceive children.

To make matters worse it is said he hid that he had been treated for depression in the past and surprisingly he is still active in registers as an active doctor if you can believe that.

What has made this situation a tenuous one is rather than being sanctioned through hospitals and clinics, which have long wait lists, women had been meeting this particular man and others like him through an online forum where one assumes collecting a tidy payola was too much to overlook and resist, health concerns aside.

With many clinics and hospitals deferring to heterosexual couples, it seems that many lesbian couples seeking to bring a child to the world for instance have unwittingly resorted to using online service where meeting potential sperm donors is much quicker and less expensive.

Unfortunately what has come to pass given the desire for more imminent insemination and less red tape is the situation of afflicted children and their traumatized families.

That said one has to wonder, money aside what beguiles someone to play lottery with other people’s lives to this extent? Is is a subversive attempt to get back at the world given their own affliction, simply an issue of apathy or perhaps more because they are troubled souls who feel the violent need to hurt and exploit others the way perhaps they feel this disease has exploited them.

Perhaps though most importantly we should wonder how health authorities in the Netherlands have allowed such a situation to manifest and what can be done to alleviate a beleaguered health system which has spawned less than altruistic individuals gaming the system.