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Prisoner sues state because it banned him from having pornography in his prison cell.


Kyle Richards is feeling very frustrated right about now.

While most adults have the right to have access to pornographic material and uhm use it to relieve themselves or even just fantasize, one young man, Kyle Richards, currently an inmate at Macomb County Jail, Michigan is flustered that his right to also bear pornographic material has been waived from him.

dailymail.co.uk: Kyle Richards, 21, claims he is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment and that his civil rights are being violated at Macomb County Jail.

In a hand-written lawsuit, Richards said denying his request for erotic material subjects him to a ‘poor standard of living’ and ‘sexual and sensory deprivation’.

What makes Mr Richards situation the more beguiling is his claim that he is suffering from ‘chronic masturbation syndrome,’ and that uhm of course he needs access to pornographic material to alleviate his particular condition.

And how does the state of Michigan sit with Mr Richard’s petition?

The Michigan Department of Corrections said that prisons allow some pornographic material, but it is banned at that particular jail, which is near Detroit.

The American Civil Liberties Union said prisons have a lot of leeway to determine what is allowed in or out of prisons.

However, Richards faces a difficult battle to get his lawsuit heard because he is also, seemingly, a compulsive filer of lawsuits.

It seems being compulsive is a belligerent trait of Mr Richards. That said, Mr Richards is currently awaiting trial pursuant to a bank robbery after a snowy trail of footprints from the bank to his house were found. He has in this instance pleaded guilty.

One can only advise Mr Richards that despite the fact he is currently being deprived of pornographic material that there are indeed other ways to tend to his sexual fantasies and chronic disposition- it’s called one’s imagination.

After all, if Mr Richards can come up with the idea of suing the state and the governor Rick Snyder for his deprived visual stimulation surely he can use it for other stimulating ennui. Let’s hope for Mr Richard’s he manages at least one lurid wet dream between now and his hearing….