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Why are so many female teachers having affairs with their students?


Source; Zimbio- The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals

Is it all about the cougar effect?

Out of the dailymailco.uk comes an interesting article posing the question why are so many US female teachers having affairs with their students?

dailymailco.uk: As school years go, this one has been riddled with sex scandal.

But it’s not droves of male teachers who are being arrested and charged for having sex with their under-age students – it’s females.And as yet another young, female teacher is this week arrested for allegedly having sex with her 16-year-old student, the MailOnline asks: what’s happened to America’s female teachers?

The article inspired by the recent arrest of Illinois teacher Nicole Letcher who has been charged with 6 counts of sex abuse with a 16 year old prefaces these women as being predatory.

Leading child psychologist, Dr Michael Oberschneider, of Ashburn Psychological Services, puts the increase of cases down to the blurring of boundaries between teachers and their students.But he also has something to say about the potential influence of TV shows like Cougar Town and films which seem to celebrate the so-called ‘Mrs Robinson’ effect.’As a nation we are over sexulising things,’ he told MailOnline. ‘Our prime time shows are becoming very graphic, we have TV shows that encourage ‘cougars’ – they’re saying isn’t it a wonderful idea for older women?

Are we to really believe it is the effect of these shows that women are now succumbing to the temptations of young men entering adulthood? Can one wonder if instead it’s a situation that these female teachers by virtue of spending so much time with these students build a nurturing sensibility towards them? Or could we even wonder the appeal of being in a position of authority that really appeals to these women and on some level unlike what most women may experience in the real world when it comes to dating, getting involved with a younger man invigorates a woman’s sense of self worth, her power and perversely her femininity?

And how do the young men, the subject of these women’s affections see it?

Dr Oberschneider, who sees both teenagers who have been sexually abused and the adults who sexually abuse, said having sex with older women, especially women in a position of power is a badge of honour for some boys and their peers.

But perhaps more disturbing is the attitudes of some parents to what should be a harrowing ordeal for their child.

‘I’ve had teenage boys in my office talking about being with older women and their parents are laughing,’ Dr Oberschneider said.

‘The father is almost saying “atta boy”. ‘There is a certain mystique around the older woman in our society,’ he



  1. What a strange article. And quoting a “leading psychologist” is like quoting a seller of snake oil, a mouthful of poison. Everyone knows why women commit all kinds of heinous acts, because women aren’t held accountable for their actions. Ever. When a girl puts naked photos of herself online she’s a victim and the boys that look at what she’s done are the perpetrators of a crime.

    Put it this way, if a 14 year old boy pats a grown woman on the butt, he’s a criminal. If that same grown woman pats a 14 year old boy on the butt, she’s empowered. In the modern world a 10 year old boy is held to a higher standard of accountability than a grown woman. There’s no psychology needed, when you allow half of society to lie, cheat, steal and even murder without repercussions, and even make up psychological excuses or praise them, they’re going to lie, cheat, steal and murder. No psycho-nonsense is required.

  2. hmmm looking at the pix above, it seems there MIGHT be 2 cougars (age defined) on the list. the rest are a bunch of 20 somethings raping children to exercise their POWER AND CONTROL over the male gender. That is what rape is, yes? power and control, nothing to do with love, lust or anything else?
    also, why is it called an AFFAIR? many of these teachers were married, most with children and you excuse them by calling it an AFFAIR?
    its RAPE. as defined by LAW, STATUTORY RAPE! it doesnt matter about the mystique of older woman/younger man. the law says its rape, not an AFFAIR.

    truth of the matter is, women are taught in school that they are all empowerful victims with a magic vagina and any choices they make are just awesome. including RAPE, MURDER (of husbands and children), false accusations.
    and even if caught, rarely do they serve even a fraction of the jail time a man would get.

  3. The UK has had a few of these cases also. Why are you trying to suggest that it is an exclusively American phenomenon?

  4. this is not something new. i’m a boomer, and i knew a friend in a very conservative high school who was playing naughty with a teacher back then. pretty sure there were others as well. it’s just that now, the courts are beginning to crack a light into that ‘equality under the law’ long ignored requirement in our law. thanks internet. and yet, men still get many times more prison time for the same crime. some of these teachers have actually walked away with doing acts that would have landed a man in jail for decades.

    and i agree, women in the u.s. are pretty much given handouts all their lives, and not just in the courts. programs like affirmative action, title IX, and a host of women based gov. programs and funding leads to this attitude about giving a free ride to women. it is rife in our society, and this laughing attitude about female predators is sickening, and sad.

    example: many times more gov. funding goes into funding cancer research for breast cancer than prostrate cancer, even though women and men die at almost exact rates for each, respectively.

  5. Always excuses for females. If a man does it he’s evil. When a woman does it, it’s because she has difficulties (“Certain people with emotional difficulties are going to be attracted to teaching where they can act out their pathology”) and it’s because she’s oppressed (“there must be a desire for females to circumvent the subservient roles that many men in society usurp on women”).

    Women already have equal rights and equal opportunity, along with countless special privileges. It’s time women had to deal with equal responsibility (as in these cases) and equal social duty (registering for the military and, quite often, forced combat).

    US men, and many other men for that matter, are fools for continuing to submit to this.

  6. Umm… you clearly have not watched Cougar (except for maybe the first few episodes). The show revolves around a woman, and like 5 of her friends, including her boyfriend (who is only a few years younger than her), and her son. It’s a show about friends drinking wine, and playing games which consist of throwing pennies into a can (Penny Can!!), and has nothing to do with dating younger men. There’s one reoccurring older woman who seems to be into that, but she’s never shown in a good light. So slap out of it! This show is awesome, and does not kick ass! 😉

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