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The 2011 James Beard Award Astounds. A Foodie’s delight…


Other noted award recipients included: the Rising Star Chef of the Year Award, awarded to a chef age 30 or younger went to Gabriel Rucker of  Le Pigeon in Portland, and that of  Crooks corner of Chapel Hill,NJ win the Classics American fare. The awarded owner was astute to mention that what made the restaurant was the town that they lived in and patronized the venue.

Offered Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation‘food is our common ground.’

Mingling around the expansive Avery Fisher Hall post awards, this author was treated to some of the most supine dishes imaginable.  From blue crab flan, lobster carpaccio, thinly sliced prosciouto wrapped tenderly in bitter sweet corn base and apricot, barbecued caramel tiger shrimp, white curried tripe (who would have thought?), New Zealand braised lamb that melted on your palette, to cleansing sorbets and some remarkable wines and cocktails.

To be sure it was a remarkable event, with the ultimate winner being the foodie.