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Robert Fitzpatrick’s ‘Doomsday Code’ is now shackled on the side of a bus shelter.

The Doomsday Code as it appears against a NYC bus shelter.

The Doomsday Code as it appears against a NYC bus shelter.

Robert Fitzpatrick jeered when the world fails to disintegrate.

Doomsday sayer Robert Fitzpatrick predicts by tomorrow evening he will be instantly zapped into heaven.

When May 21, 2011 Backfires. Will the world end tomorrow?

Man spends entire retirement savings on May 21 end of world doomsday coming.

By now we’ve all heard that Robert Fitzpatrick has gone and supposedly blown his entire retirement savings of $140 000 on a bunch of ads for the sake of a public unrepentant and unaware that this coming Saturday, May 21- life on earth will no longer exist.

What most of us don’t know though is the fact that Mr Fitzpatrick has got a book called The Doomsday Code out which by sheer virtue of all the press he is generating must be generating quite a bit of public exposure and one would wonder some hefty sales. Something this author imagines will address the $140 000 shortfall and assuming life does continue to go past this Saturday (let’s hope so for our collective sakes) Mr Fitzpatrick might not end up being as crazy as most of us think he is.

In some respect the book is a hedge in the event Mr Fitzpatrick is wrong (something by virtue of coming out with the book and wildly advertising it) and one wonders if not a subtle admission by Mr Fitzpatrick that ostensibly he is just guessing. And if one does the math, it could end up being that Mr Fitzpatrick could end up making a whole lot more money than the $140 000 he ostensibly used to ‘market’ his book.

Time will tell…

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  • Haroldtards

    Robert is Harolds number one Haroldtard.
    I like the videos with that guy in the black Tshirt laughing behind Robert.

  • Robert Fail

    I wonder how long it will take his asshole to recover from the latest reaming…

  • Harold Fitzroberts

    Harold Fitzroberts ass. Ha ha ha ha…
    How to get your ass reamed out on an global scale. LMAO.

  • It is really sad, that man feels he knows more than God. Many wonderful people have tried to prove things thing that God has said that is just not there. Thou out the years when thing start to get bad some will jump in a pool of miss understood things of God.He has said that believing in something does not make it true. A lot of time the word is used to predict things like the end of time. In the New Testament I John 4: 1-4 The Word of God says a person should test the persons teaching. How can that be done? Deuteronomy 18: 21-22 tells us how that is done..I am no super brain but when these people say things that does not happen, then they make up some excuse to why it did not happen. That so sad because people that followed them are disappointed and will cause people to do foolish things that hurts them. One thing that really,really hurts is they may no longer trust God or His word to be true.
    This one thing I have learned from reading the word, and that is; God says what he means, and means what He says. And to That I say A-men!

  • idont understand all of this. were never gonna know! theres no math to it its just gonna happen

  • I thought the same…except that the book is freely available (supposedly provided by the author) on the internet.

    I did a quick read of this book and he has many suppositions that just don’t hold up. For example he says the church “age” ended in 1988 and that God saved no one during the time period of 1988 to 1994. I’m not sure how he could even begin to prove this, nor does he provide proof in the book.

    I wonder what mathematical calculation he’ll claim was off when May 21st comes and goes…