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Have you tried smuggling drugs in your vagina?


The newest craze that’s sweeping the nation…

Carrying drugs is a no no let alone smuggling it, that said there’s been a slew of not so ingenious methods to keep the good shit on coming.

gawker: People are constantly coming up with new and occasionally ingenious ways to smuggle contraband into jail. There’s the butt trick, the prosthetic leg stuff, the penis tuck, and of course, vaginas. Lots of vaginas. And last week, when a woman in Iowa was pulled over for driving drunk and hotboxing, she went with the vagina — a mistake that could cost her money and extra jail time.

Extra jail time? That sounds a tad inconvenient.

press citizen: A North Liberty woman (Denaya Nichole Humphreys) faces drug charges after police said a Johnson County Sheriff’s deputy found a container filled with marijuana in her vagina Thursday night at the Johnson County Jail.

Frankly this tried and true tested method doesn’t always pass muster with police officers who are trained to keep up with the likes of you.

Personally if I was going to attempt to bring the good shit into jail I’d just attach a smart weave extension to my balding pate and when some ignoramus police officer attempts to do away with me I will simply shout at the top of my tongue- ‘Lord have no mercy!’

Isn’t it better to just keep the good shit parked safely under the comfort of your sofa for until when the moment is right? Just saying…

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