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Audiophile at Brooklyn Museum Draws LGBT hipster crowd

Photography by Alyssa Castiglia

Audiophile, a three-part concert series at the Brooklyn Museum celebrating the borough’s versatile music scene, welcomed the throngs of LGBT Brooklyn hipsters who attended Friday’s event, the second of the series, featuring art/performance collective MEN and indie-pop darlings Savoir Adore. While Savoir Adore’s cute and catchy tunes only drew a modest crowd, it was the headliner MEN that packed the Brooklyn Museum’s pavilion.

MEN, an avant-garde band featuring JD Samson of Le Tigre, spoke out about issues such as “wartime economies, sexual compromise, and demanding liberties through lyrical content” with an accompanying slideshow of women holding phallic objects and a wardrobe consisting of tuxedos and face paint. The crowd, which consisted of trustfund babies, scene wannabes, genuine music lovers, fashionistas who simply wanted to be seen, and the vibrant LGBT crowd who came out solidarity, sipped on free spiked lemonade while taking in this free (with Museum admission, of course) concert, put on in conjunction with L Magazine.

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