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AMERICA: The most Terrible Place to be A Young Woman


emotionally detach themselves from sex. What ever happened to falling in love? Doesn’t anyone take eight months, to work up to that ultimate point of intimacy? I remember waiting five months before letting my first love, at 16—feel me up! Took a year and half for us to even engage in oral sex. That was thirteen years ago, I wonder what percentage of 16 year-olds could say the same, today?

Not many, the article makes this quite clear. Sure, the girls in Boston or California, who—confined to college campuses, engage in sexual relations with men in their own age groups, but girls in New York City—are exposed to a much wider age range. Set into motion, by the buildings sprawled about metropolitan constructs, NYC girls are messing around with partners twice or even three times their own age.

Burdened with the battles of high out-of state tuition costs and rent, NYC girls generate far more dangerous sexual experiences. Selling their company, bodies or services by the hour, shenanigans or “flipping tricks” becomes the norm.  Undoubtedly, most terrible place to be a woman, New York represents the pit of the American woman’s downfall. Of course the biggest irony is, instead of forging her identity and betraying herself as a sex object she needs to become one just to compete and stay relevant amongst her peers and the material world that echoes so many billboards- ‘you’re only a woman until you are physically desired.”

Tell me there’s something wrong with that, tell me we as women need to assert our identity, our goals, feelings and contribution to society other than waddling down some highway in a scantily clad outfit waiting for some man to save us?

America, sometimes is really the worst place in the world for a young woman to grow up…



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