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Would you let someone advertise on your house if they paid your mortgage?


Here’s an idea, your mortgage is putting the crunch on you – so why not alleviate the pain by getting someone else to pay it for you? But how you wonder?

wired.co.uk: Adzookie will pay your mortgage in return for turning your house into an enormous billboard.

The US company largely operates within the mobile advertising space, but is branching into out-of-home advertising. It is looking for homeowners who are willing to let the Adzookie team paint the entire outside of the house, except for the roof, windows and any awnings.

Would you mind if your doorstep had a 1800 DRINK MILK ad on it?

The design will be an enormous billboard promoting Adzookie’s services and will take between three and five days. You have to agree to leave your house painted for at least three months and up to a year. Should you wish to sell your house or stop annoying your neighbours after the three months or if Adzookie cancels the agreement, then they will repaint your house back to its original colours.

We’re assuming by now that you must be taking a brisk tour of the perimeter of your house viscerally visualizing the spaghetti can ads and 1800 HOT MASSAGE ads that would eventually come to make your new visual morning effects. So how do you apply?

To apply you need to visit the Adzookie’s website and fill out a form explaining why your house should be painted. The catch is that you also have to “like” Adzookie on Facebook — perhaps the real objective of the initiative.

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