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The Royal wedding and the media fairy tale spectacle.


Then there’s the US media, infatuated with the brouhaha that is supposed to make for a divine English April day. How ironic, for a nation that eschews class (so I have been told) is drooling for a chance to play up to it- never mind the fact that class divisions in the United States arguably run higher and deeper in Britain, where at least the Brits have the decency to admit existing and of course exalting in (hence all these wonderful titles of dukes and what not).

telegraph.co.uk: According to Nielsen, the global media measurement company, online media coverage of the wedding is “considerably higher” in America than in Britain. In addition, blogs, Twitter and Facebook are generating a “greater volume of buzz” online in the US than on the other side of the Atlantic.

And then there is this comment form Mark Lukasiewicz– vice president of NBC news:

“We feel that, collectively, people are eager for a bit of a break from the tough news cycle we’ve been living in for the past few months, and the royal wedding will be a chance to focus on something that has a little bit of fun and pageantry, in the grand British style.”

Which only makes this author wonder, is Mark having a laugh on us, after all last time I turned on the airwaves it was full of ridiculous candy stories meant to take our minds off the hindrances of living a gritty American existence- but then again, nothing beats the candor of a manufactured shining white armor story which doesn’t require a script line, another Lindsay Lohan meltdown or the awkward presence of reality star thugs (surely by now we’re bored and slightly irritated by their sordid adventures, or perhaps not…?).



  1. For years to come she will always be the little darling that captured the exhiliration, the tenacity and of course the agitation (from a little girl’s point of view who just doesn’t understand quite the fuss is about) that so often comes about large glossy gatherings. Especially if those gatherings come to be eagerly anticipated royal weddings.

    A pity about those ‘grown ups’ shlepping on the balcony. Yucky..

    But at least Kate was nice (see photo) to me…


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