Home Scandal and Gossip Patricia Field is now designing your new haute sanitary pad.

Patricia Field is now designing your new haute sanitary pad.


Soon you will no longer have bland Maxi pads.

Ahh the gods have listened and going forward women can now rejoice in the knowledge that that awful time of the month will now be met with robust patterns and colors right there where it matters. And where exactly does it matter? Let’s all mozy into the locker room with iconic stylist Patricia Field and find out…

adage.com: ‘…Kotex looks to one-up its iconoclastic rollout of 2010 by hiring a big-name stylist for the introduction of new haute sanitary pads — and enlisting girls and women to design their own.

For the rollout, Patricia Field, the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated fashion and costume designer behind “Sex and the City,” “Ugly Betty,” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” has turned her attention to feminine care. She’s designed carrying tins for U by Kotex products hitting stores in July and will work with girls who win an online contest at BantheBland.com to design a new U by Kotex product next year. Winners will also attend Fashion Week in New York City in September.

Kids- have you sent in your entry form yet? Let’s hope so. After all- what could be more tantalizing than knowing the world is wearing your ‘thoughtful’ designs right by their private parts? Never mind the spilling bits…

The premium Kimberly-Clark Corp. feminine care line’s brightly colored wrappers ensconced in fashionable black boxes last year helped reverse a generation of declining shares for Kotex — producing overall brand sales gains ranging from 9% in pads to more than 50% in tampons in the four weeks ended March 2 vs. a year ago, based on SymphonyIRI data from Deutsche Bank.

Hmm- shouldn’t you be wearing your own personalized aqua marine Mickey Mouse maxi pad this summer too?


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