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Government Shutdown: Who Will Assume Power?

Tea Party/Unemployed

First of all, I realize the title may be a little redundant, as it’s safe to say the vast majority of the Tea Party is also unemployed; most of the public foolery and delusional ranting is taking place during traditional business hours. If I could attempt to correctly use “irony” in a sentence- it will be ironic if the Tea Party becomes the controlling institution, given their disdain for institutions in general.

Their ability to efficiently organize will prove itself useful as they attempt to gain control of the world’s second most powerful country (China must be loving this). Given their bigoted nature, a battle could very well ensue with the Hispanics as they make the mad dash towards executive power. In the end, both groups will weaken each other, allowing for a smooth takeover by our next group.

Native Americans.

The indigenous people of North America will load up on war paint, sharpen their arrows and go in for the complete role reversal once the US Government comes to a screeching halt. Their sacred soils were seized many moons ago, and while the casino’s were certainly a nice consolation prize, it simply wasn’t enough. I envision the Chief du jour offering Obama a bingo hall or two to run as a parting gift– maybe even a stake in a Pueblo pottery 50/50 raffle.

In the end, maybe a change wont be so bad. Maybe a different style of governance is just what this country needs. I personally don’t believe war is the answer– Who wants to run the United States Government? would make for some compelling reality TV.