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CNN poll discovers rich white dudes want pot legalized.


If you’re white and loaded chances are you don’t mind getting high. The chances are also very low that you’re the one getting prosecuted for possession in court too.

gawker: CNN has commissioned a poll on attitudes toward pot legalization. And wealthy white people are the strongest supporters of legalized marijuana.

But of course there’s lots of irony in this which gawker manages to point out.

Which is funny, because rich white people are the least likely sector of the population to actually go to jail for illegal drug use, so what do they care? Overall, 41% of Americans favor legalization, and 56% are opposed [pdf]. But white people had stronger support—43% for to 54% against—than nonwhites, who overwhelmingly opposed legalization, 62% to 36%.

And rich people were also more likely to favor legalization—44% of people earning $50,000 or more vs. 38% of people earning less than $50,000. And we all know that rich white people get what they want, so look out for legal pot soon, kids.

So if you do the math, is it fair to say the moment the rich white dude is no longer rich and white (yes I know- I’m just trying to draw you in) or let’s just assume he stays white but is now definitely much poorer will he still favor the legalization of the good shit?

Or better still will you still be chomping for the bit should you one day wake up poor, or will you suddenly turn on the world for getting on the good shit?

  • MEL

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  • Mike

    Legalization won’t be happening soon. The prison industrial complex is too large, and politicians are benefiting too much from jailing innocent people.

  • If you look at the attached data you can see that they didn’t bother to poll 18-34 year olds. Call me crazy but I think they would be the age group most likely in favor of legalization. BS poll from yet another BS news source.