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The food and the thrills never ran out at the 3rd Annual NJ Food and Wine Festival.

Photography by Steve Sands.

I have a saying when it comes to good food and drink- it must leave me in an eternal state of indecision- indecision that if I eat one more morsel I will keel over and be laughed at, indecision that if I don’t force myself to try at least one more atom of scrumptiousness I will forever deprive myself what should have been rightfully mine. This in essence probably goes a long way in describing the conundrum I and many well to do guests encountered this past Saturday night at NJ’s Crystal Spring Resort who flocked for this very well attended sumptuous tete a tete.

Billed as a celebration of the world’s best wines and top local chefs from New York and New Jersey, connoisseurs, the curious and the hungry gathered to scintilitate their palette, gorge their fancy, exchange trivia and simply marvel at the creativity at the hands of some of the most talented chefs in the business.

  • ghurron briscoe

    it’s about reading for gumption & meals in your region! -Dandy Ghurron Briscoe

  • Monty

    Beautiful Pics!!! Thank you, Scally.