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Study: Gender and race determine teen marijuana use.


White young girls are quick to love pot.

A recent study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine reiterated the seemingly obvious fact that although teenaged boys smoke more weed than their female counterparts, white teenaged girls rate the highest among their female peers for marijuana use. Studies of this nature have been put out for years and have consistently drawn the same conclusions. And how do these continually reiterated findings hold any weight on the way the topic of drug use is approached in schools.

yaledailynews: The study, published in the March edition of the Journal of Addiction Medicine, also found that teenage girls transition faster from initial marijuana use to regular use than adolescent boys. The researchers said they hope that the study’s findings can help public health officials develop early intervention programs for adolescent marijuana use that takes gender into account.

We all know that by the time a child graduates, the majority of them will have tried drugs at least once. Instead of figuring out who is using, would it not be more worthwhile to figure out why and how? Although we all appreciate funds going towards solidifying facts we are all already aware of, how about a study that could help us curb or at least understand teeanage drug use.



  1. Haha it was published by an addiction magazine. Ironic being as its an herb that is completely not addictive and you couldn’t overdose if you tried. It helps billions of people but that doesn’t matter because its a “drug” right? How stupid can you people be? Seriously research it before bashing it or talk to someone that it helps them continue feeling like doing daily activities because they have cancer or another of the many disorder or diseases it helps.

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