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East Coast rapist attempts suicide whilst in custody


Aaron Thomas, a Connecticut inmate thought to be the East Coast rapist, collapsed over the weekend after attempting to commit suicide by hanging from his cell in New Haven, Connecticut.

NY  Daily News: Thomas is accused of 17 rapes and other attacks on women from Virginia to Rhode Island for a period of over 12 years. DNA from a cigarette butt led police to capturing the 39-year-old serial rapist.

After his arrest, neighbors explained that Thomas always seemed a little off; he lifted weights in the yard, running and biking for hours at time, and even leaving an idling big rig on a quiet residential street. He even had a girlfriend who was stunned by the news.

Clearly, not afraid to be noticed, Thomas continued about his bizarre business until the DNA match on the cigarette butt was discovered, and Aaron Thomas was apprehended; eventually trying to commit suicide in New Haven.

After attempting to hang himself, Thomas was hospitalized and will undergo a psych evaluation.

Ah yes, justice served.  Instead of a fate like his victims, who had no choice in their own death, Thomas will stare into ink blots until a psychiatrist correctly diagnoses his type of crazy.

We’ve got the answer, Aaron Thomas, and the answer is, you’re not crazy at all. You’re suffering from something far worse, an advanced state of cowardice, in which even you can’t handle the atrocities you’ve done.