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Simone Back commits suicide on Facebook despite mocking.


On Christmas Day, Simone Back, a 42-year-old charity worker, who was known to be depressed, wrote a chilling message to her thousand-plus Facebook ‘friends.’ Simone posted:

“Took all my pills be dead soon so bye bye every one.”

Immediately upon posting what would ultimately be Miss Back’s final words, the backlash began. Instead of her ‘friends’ calling for help, or checking on Simone, a barrage of cruel messages followed the update. And as Miss Back was dying, her reputation and credibility were called into question, via Facebook.

The chilling words Simone’s  “friends” expressed in response to her post?

Daily Mail UK  : At 10:53pm she posted: ‘Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.’

11.01pm Friend A: ‘She ODs all the time and she lies.’

11.02pm Friend B: ‘I hope that she is lying about this or you’re going to feel guilty tomorrow.’

Boxing Day, 12.09am Friend C: ‘Did you catch the part about Simone taking pills?? .. the ‘bye bye’ part?? Did anyone go by personally and check on Simone.. or call 999?? what’s wrong with you people?? is the gossip really more important than her??’

12.56am Friend A: ‘She does it all the time, takes all of her pills. She’s not a kid anymore.’

12.01pm Friend D: ‘She has a choice and taking pills over a relationship is not a good enough reason.’

Miss Back’s friend, Samantha Owen explained: ‘Everyone just carried on arguing with each other on Facebook like it wasn’t happening. Some of those people lived within walking distance of Simone.’

The torment began and ended with a Facebook update; beginning with Simone’s declaration of death cry for help, and ending with a message from Simone’s mother, Jennifer, Langridge, that was even more chilling than Simone’s suicide note. She posted on Simone’s Facebook page:

‘My daughter Simone passed away today so please leave her alone now.’

Astonishingly, it’s natural normal in our digital age for us to divulge every detail of our daily lives on social mediums. Usually, we share with our ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ what we ate for breakfast, that Saturday night was the best night of our lives, or that someone’s a whore or a douchebag, and then allow them to comment at will— give us the thumbs up, cheer us on. But we rarely see what tragically happens in  Simone’s case— when they decide to tear us down.

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  1. She reached out for sympathy if not help to a group of people who were, at least in this capacity only looking for entertainment and took all they saw and read as such because its so hard for us sometimes to understand or believe that anything on the internet is actually real.

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