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Reginald Doucet Jr, naked man is killed by LAPD.


If I resist with my fists should I be shot twice for my troubles.

In a case that the LAPD is sparking outrage and the LAPD is defending, Reginald Doucet Jr, an ex football player and part time modelwho was resisting being apprehended by police and then fought back with no weapons with police who tried to contain him was killed this past weekend. At question is whether the police used excessive force and if any other methods were at the disposal in containing the unruly man at the time.

latimesblog : The shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. when two patrol officers responded to a disturbance call in the 5200 block of Crescent Park West and found a naked man “yelling and behaving erratically,” according to an LAPD statement.

Police said the officers attempted to calm the agitated man and talked him into putting on his boxer shorts, but he ran when they tried to apprehend him. They approached him again, but he ran once more.

But they didn’t or couldn’t calm him down. Instead they agitated him. Which is not to say being asked to behave oneself in public is too much of a request, especially when you are running around the street naked and completely distraught.

“When the officers tried a third time to detain the suspect in the apartment complex doorway, the suspect immediately attacked both officers,” the statement said. “The suspect repeatedly punched both officers in the face and head and at one point tried to take one of the officer’s guns.”

That’s when one of the officers, identified only as a male with 17 months in the department, shot Doucet twice, police said. He died at a hospital.

Which begs the question as much as the young man is acting beyond decorum, did the police officers also act out of context? Remember the man had no weapons, the police on the other hand were in no immediate harm’s way, they had the ability to call for back help, the ability to use a club if need be or an electric taser gun or as some of us are forced to do in the real world- use our street smarts and appeal to this man in a rational way that didn’t necessarily involve resorting to physical force. Physical force which involved shooting an unarmed man twice.

Next time you have a breakdown in your building lobby, do you necessarily want the LAPD dropping by to calm you down?



  1. It appears the young man was trying to arm himself with a weapon when he was shot. Was the officer to wait until they were fired upon at close range before firing his weapon?

  2. There is a really terrifying new paradigm in our society now-It is ‘Bad Cop.’ It is a media perpetrated Myth.Movies and popular culture have demonized the ‘racist bad cop’ picking on any and all. The reality is that LA has been given over to the gangsters and thugs,who gleefully prey upon everyone they wish.Reality is what It is,the numbers of people moving OUT of this hellhole do not lie.

    People under the Influence of drugs murder,rape,rob and maim many many thousands of people every year-you are simply wrong,Sir.

    If Mr.Doucet had no violent intent why did he attack the Police?

    If Mr.Doucet had no intent to kill anyone why did he attempt to take a BLACK Police Officer’s weapon from him?

    The seconds and minutes fighting for your life and those of the public while waiting for additional Officers that have been called to assist are beyond the comprehension of people who have not been there….

  3. Jb, the man was not trying to kill anyone. He was obviously unsettled which was disconcerting enough. What the police should have done is called for reinforcements. To turn around and shoot him point blank two times is aggravated behavior, especially when you realize the man was devoid of weapons.

    With respect to race, class or gender, it well may have been had the offender been a white woman from Beverly Hills, the police officer who drew his gun may have chosen to react differently- one can in instances of stress suddenly disavow any bias or disposition of disdain for a situation, race, class or gender.

    ps- If someone is on crack, meth or what- taking a gun on them is more reflective of ones own bias and disgust. Anyone on those drugs is often incapicated and hardly in a position to willfully seek destruction on others. To have seeked back up would have been the most sensible thing. Sometimes the police are bigger thugs than the thugs the ones they are supposed to deal with. This may have been one of those instances where this is so.

    -The Editor.

  4. If he was such a great guy why was he running around naked acting like an Idiot? Take responsibility for your own actions and behavior- It has nothing at all to do with race,stop playing the race card already! It is a FACT that people on crack,PCP and / or Meth will take off their clothes,will display superhuman strength and will leave mayhem and destruction in their wake.You guys would be bitching about the ‘do nothing PO-lice’ If he had rampaged on your friends or your family in his drug induced psychosis….

    Tip of the Day:Dont try to beat up or kill cops with their own guns! They have every right to defend themselves….

  5. Who can we trust to protect our civil rights? Who can we trust to examine the inner workings of an agency to determine how such things like BRUTALITY and/or ABUSE of AUTHORITY continue to happen? — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35ayJBApcF0 — FAQs: Race… the world only sees color. Such should not be the case. Hate should be our first thought. — Families and victims… should stick together. Moral consensus is collapsing. Our future is at stake.

  6. I knew Reggie as well, and he was a sweetheart. The boy meant well, and deserves to still be here. I also work in a field similar to law enforcement, and there is a thing called C.Y.A. (cover your ass) that Bullshit story about Reggie grabbing for their gun is nonsense. The idiot officer panicked and that was just a convenient excuse to cover his ass. The officers ego probably got bruised and so he shot fire….not once, but twice. What an accident that was. And here some of you idiots are being fooled. If you go on Youtube and listen to the audio they killed him, left him there lying unconcious and didn’t even think to revive him. They didn’t even sound remorseful to have taken a life. Instead of worrying about reggies safety, they were worried about clearing the walkway so residents could get in and out. So believe the media hype if you so please. RIP Reggie, I really wish things could’ve worked out differently 😉 xoxo…

  7. One shot maybe a mistake, BUT TWO shots, not a mistake. I have worked with police officers (in personnel) and I have worked with correctional officers. Like the previous author stated the guns in the holsters are locked and you do have to make adjustments in order to retrieve your weapon.

    The officer was a rookie, and I believe a complete investigation needs to take place. Two police officers and an un armed guy with no clothes on, hmm. And if Reggie was trying to take the gun, AGAIN two police officers, as well as if you read the most recent story, additional officers in route. Sounds like again, some police officers do not always protect and serve. They do what they do, protect each other and serve whom they want.

    What the first person said is correct, when confronted by police NOW and you are a minority just shut up, and say yes sir, no sir and move on. If you have a chance dial someone on your cell phone keep it out of their site and let someone KNOW exactly where you are so IF IN THE CASE THE POLICE CHOOSE TO BE NOT PROFESSIONAL at least someone will be able to say something in your defense.

    Sad, very sad.

  8. Seeing that I am a friend of Reggie’s he did not deserve that nor does this story match anything in his character. Reggie was a health head, a father, an upcoming business man, and full of life. Reggie has always been a person to reason, and make good of any bad situation. He had meetings set up to concrete his gym, and that was taken away.
    And no person deserves to die regardless if he was my friend or not at the hands of any man!

  9. I don’t believe Reggie deserved to die this way. When apprehending a naked man, wouldn’t officers assume the individual was mentally impaired. The previous post says he was intoxicated. The police should have handled this situation differently. Cops, especially the LAPD, appear to behave worst than the criminals, as if they have a license to kill anyone. It’s not fair, and I damn sure don’t want my tax dollars going to city officials that don’t follow the law. I hope justice is served, and Reginald is in a better place.

  10. I personally knew reggie. and for the ones that are saying basically he deserved it..you guys are really retarded. you may not being saying it in those exact words. but really how dare you. Reggie was a awesome guy. he just happen to go out that night..got a cab since he was drunk and took off his close to show the cab driver he’ll return with cash..but didnt happen that way. 6ft 190lbs..do you even know what that looks like..have you seen what he looks like on all these websites and you tube? really!!! and some how he was whooping TWO police officer’s a** while drunk, not stabled. dont sound right. they got beat that bad. why wasnt something else done then pulling out your gun to shoot not once but twice. guess that cop was in the moment.something aint right.. no call for back up, no other source was used..a gun should have been the last option..and in this case not used at all. he was drunk but going after a gun with two guys on him..yea some how alot of retards believe it. and some how two sober cops couldnt hold down a drunk man. some storied to cover up something is being used. its a shame. and like i said the ones that are on here saying stuff acting like what happen is ok..need to really think twice. his family could see this. do you know there is so many broken hearts out there..not just in cali but every where..im from jax fl and knows him..and alot of people are shocked and still trying to understand. the reggie we know..its just hard to believe this could happen to a man that was trying to make good out of everything..and become some body to help others. think about it..if you had a brother and this happened to him..went out to the club got drunk took a cab home, police was called because he was loud.and shout twice because they couldnt hold him down.they used a gun instead of all that other stuff they got on them. wait and think before you post. I think when a cop should use force like that is when some one is armed. but since they keep saying he reached for their gun.then they should have stepped off and called back up. Reggie was one popluar guy..just google him and you’ll see for yourself

  11. As I learned in my arrest and firearms class. When a suspect is in that state you keep a distance and wait for back up. I dont think Reggie reached for the gun but if so the gun cannot be pulled out from that angle and it does have a lock that needs to be released in order for in to come out. Now if the officers were getting hit my Doucet and couldnt contain him the next move was to step away. Their is something completely wrong in this situation and it needs to come out. I am trying to figure it out but its gonna take time.

  12. this is not cool at all…. i live in charlotte nc and i feel bad for yall out there in cali…….good and …i think ill stay here for a min and lay lo

  13. it is a proven fact, people who do these types of things don’t get enough poo-naa-nee-naa-nee……. think about it… if you are getting regular poo-naa-nee-naa-nee, would you get into trouble?? like …………..no!!!

  14. Apart from Reginald’s weight and height which are on the light-med side for a man of his size we mention all the details.

    Let us re phrase the question, at what point does it become permissable for the police to use lethal force?

    We don’t say don’t use force, we just wonder if all sensible options were tried? And really two lethal gunshot wounds? Not excessive sir?

  15. I dont care if he didnt have a weapon, he was attempting to take the police officers weapon. Two officers have been killed recently who had their weapon taken and then used on them. Its so easy to just blame the pd, instead of the crazy naked person who not only assaulted the two police officers, but also tried to take one of their weapons. Lets not forget the suspect is around 6 ft tall and weighed around 190 lbs, also a former football player. Point being, he wasnt a small man. That info also seemed to be left out of this article.

  16. True. But did that require retorting with two lethal gunshots?

    Were there are other options available? Isn’t it fascinating the disregard of live those in the civil community have for others.

    Doesn’t this alarm you JR Browzer?

  17. You forgot to emphasize one point in paragraph seven — the man was grabbing for the officers’ guns. Would you have preferred he was able to grab the gun and then shoot the officers. Would that have been protocol?

  18. dude……just don’t fuck with the police….. they carry guns……….. if you do, then you deserve to get a bullet in your sorry ass…………..

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